Collapse Daily Links


NASA Discovers a New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland

Is your USDA Organic really from the US?

GM Accused in Owner Lawsuit of Using VW-Like Defeat Devices

Sea Level Rise Tripled In Last Two Decades and will accelerate

Climate change will devastate coffee production

Rising Seas May Wipe Out These Jersey Towns

Watch a 10-Year-Old Tell the Truth About How Cheeseburgers Impact the Planet 

‘Horrific’ Increase in Worldwide Displacement, Shows New Report

8 Things You Didn’t Realize Will Be Ruined By Climate Change

War in Afghanistan Is Killing Children in Record Numbers in 2017

American Bombs Kills Over 105 Civilians in Mosul

America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776

Above-average Atlantic hurricane activity expected despite a potential El Niño

As Arctic sea ice shows record decline, scientists prepare to go blind

Singapore is world’s second largest shark-fin trader

Wildlife of South Sudan At Risk Due To Rising Poaching, Trafficking Threats

Natural Calamity Map Locators For Safe Habitation

NSA Under Obama Secretly Spied On Americans For Years

C Unease On Greek Island of Chios Over New Migrant Detention Center hina’s Reforms

Not Enough To Arrest Mounting Debt – Moody’s

Fed Faces A ‘Surprise’ Problem On US Inflation

CalPERS: Is It Melting Down?

Trump wants to cut funding for earthquake early warning system

15,000-Year-Old Artifacts Unearthed In Northern Peru


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