Conspiracy Collapse ≠ Collapse Conspiracy

In the old days assorted parties would conspire in secret to reach secret goals. Well, that conspiracy has collapsed and everything is out in the open. In fact, choosing sides is the overwhelming exercise most do not have the time or luxury to know.

If your job is to plant fake corporate narratives and seeds of doubt, then you used to have the easiest job in the world. Nowadays, the plethora of alternative narratives have made it glaringly obvious that corporate-only media news is pure political propaganda. The media has slipped from pure corporate control to almost just anyone and everything. This complicates expensive mis-information campaigns.

The tables have turned, and now it’s the small progressive independent media sowing the seeds of doubt. That’s because public opinion on anything critical usually runs from 60/40 up to 50/50. And, if you plant the seeds of doubt in just 10% of the people on one side, you can sway public policy. What was once good for the goose, is now good for the gander and all genders in between. The internet has allowed both the alt -right and -left to scream fake news at each other incessantly like in some sort of fake media forever war. But, forever isn’t forever. It may be just months away.

The only tool left in the establishment war chest is Net Neutrality. Net neutrality will be replaced by the pro-corporate narrative. I suspect that by neutering net neutrality, corporations will not only regain control of the narrative, but they will also be able to specifically target individuals. Sort of like a Smart Censorship Bomb. People like Greenpeace and TYT will have a subtle corporate funded tilt, and the rest can go fuck themselves. I used to think that everything was a collapse conspiracy, but now I suspect we are first headed for a conspiracy collapse.


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