A.I. Collapse Conspiracy Acceleration

We are conspiring towards collapse, whether knowingly or unknowingly, doesn’t matter. The motivation driving us towards collapse is personal success. There’s nothing inherently wrong with success, unless there are 8 billion others who want the same thing. The final nail in the coffin of our successful collapse is Artificial Intelligence. A.I. is not like climate change. It’s not some vague, distant threat, it’s real, it’s here, it’s now!

A.I. Is Making Financial Jobs and Banks Obsolete! Not In The Future! Right Fucking Now!

Half of All Jobs Will Be Replaced by A.I. in 10 Years Says AI Expert Kai-Fu Lee

Lee says his A.I. investment manager returns 8X more than human investment mangers. This is a gold rush formula that will rival and outdo personal computers and smart phones. The wealth potential and jobs destruction is so great, that elites are even willing to discuss a basic minimum income, while that’s unheard of, it is still just talk.

Of course this is all bullshit. We’ve heard this before when Bill Clinton passed NAFTA back in the 90s. We were told that manufacturing jobs will be replaced by knowledge jobs. Well, A.I. will be coming for those knowledge jobs now, and we are told that knowledge jobs will be replaced by creative content jobs, those would be the same creative content jobs that YouTube is demonetizing and effectively shadow banning now.

You see, A.I. can not only identify faces faster than humans, it can do so while watching 30 million people all at once, simultaneously. A.I. drones can now recognize your individual walking gait from overhead and they can do it simultaneously on everyone it can see.

Stephen Hawking: Out of Control Artificial Intelligence(AI) Will Control Mankind!

Google Puts Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Every Phone

Did I say A.I. is already here? Check your smartphone. This is the bait. Computers are not going to take over the world unless we want them to.

You know it’s serious, when even Microsoft gets involved, always a day late and dollar short, but never too far behind the tailing edge of the curve.

We are not going to say, “Okay, take my job but give me a smarter phone!” You have to slap lipstick on a pig before you can take it out. So get ready, here comes the new generation of “free leisure time, creative service economy and basic incomes”. All bullshit to pull the wool over our eyes. No one cared when blue collar workers lost their jobs, but now computers are coming for white collar managerial jobs including finance, medical and pharma.


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