Collapse Daily Links

Indonesian Borneo is finished: Pollution reaching epic proportions

Peat lands are one of the least understood ecosystems

Wildfires on the rise due to drought and climate change

Tropospheric Warming Over The Past Two Decades

Long Duration Floods: Drivers and Causes

After a lake caught fire in in India, another lake is foam due to toxic effluents

The world’s most toxic town: Zambia’s lead mines

EVs Are Getting More Popular As The Grid Gets Greener – A Crock of Shit!

Choosing A Climate Friendly Car – Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

One third of American households cannot afford water bills – Or Electric Cars

Let’s Watch Pittsburgh’s Mayor Slowly Realize Uber Is Not His Friend

Why Americans Aren’t Hitting the Road This Summer – No flying electric car Uber rentals?

Only China and India can save us now – Another Crock of Shit!

GMO crops could expect a brighter future – The Shit Crock Runneth Over!

New NAFTA Must Put People and Planet First – Mental Silly Putty

Commercial Fish Head North – If fishes were wishes BAU

Stocks Won’t Crash Spectacularly but May Zigzag Lower

Camille Paglia: Democrats Are Colluding With The Media To Create Chaos

US consumers’ trust deficit is permanent

Innovation Won’t Overcome Stagnation

India defends use of innovative human shield in Kashmir – Cannon fodder for the soul

Wake up, liberals: There will be no 2018 “blue wave,” no Democratic majority and no impeachment – File under, “I want to live!”

Trump Submits to Neocon Orthodoxy – Counterpunch

America’s $1.1 Trillion National Security Budget

The Future of Work: Automation and Labor – A.I. Includes Slaves, Artists, Liars In A Laissez Faire Dystopia

The End Of Work Means The Beginning Of Slavery

The Boy Problem


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