Collapse Daily Loki Links

Big Tobacco Leaves Huge Ecological Footprint

Climate change: The spread of dangerous diseases

Glaciers are melting so much they are changing the shape of the Earth’s crust

Climate change can alter the impact of forest pathogens in trees

Scientists are accidentally helping poachers drive rare species to extinction

Massive Fish Extinction Alert: Big Fishes Most Likely To Disappear Soon

How Big Money in Politics Blocked U.S. Action on Climate Change

Man dies and 40 bitten as vampire bats attack humans in Brazil

Libya becoming completely failed state

Denny’s joins McDonald’s and Taco Bell in delivering you food right to your sofa

Once Costly Deep-Sea Oil Turns Cheap, to OPEC’s Dismay

Europe Unveils Plan To Securitize Sovereign Debt

China Is The Greatest Financial Bubble in History

Debunking myths about why people migrate across the Mediterranean

One in three refugees on Greek island of Chios has witnessed suicide since arriving

How Facebook’s tentacles reach further than you think

$4 trillion carbon tax is needed to save humanity – Death & Taxes Indeed

Anatomy of Collapse

The Big Four FAAG ( Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google )

Never have so few produced so much value. 350,000 people make $1.6 trillion in value. This is equal to the GDP of Canada. They have more influence than most countries. In 2015, Amazon was responsible for 43% of online sales and the next 10 biggest retailers were responsible for 25%. This is dangerous because hundreds of billions of dollars are going to fewer and fewer people. The rest get low paying jobs. I repeat, this is d-a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s! Google and FB now control over 50% of mobile ad revenue. All the brightest and best people are migrating to these 4 companies.


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