Collapse Daily Loki Links

Global Warming Could Push Earth’s Rains Northward

Nitrogen oxides emissions: Traffic dramatically underestimated as major polluter

Greenhouse gases higher than any time in 800,000 years ‘shows definite human effect’

Tick outbreaks threaten moose population

Around the world, environmental laws are under attack in all sorts of ways

Humans are ushering in the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth, scientists warn

White crocodile Hermès handbag sells in Hong Kong for over US$377,000

Ocean Acidification Makes Salmon Lost Ability To Sense Predators
– Acid Sensory Correlation = Bad

Record Heat Predicted for Fort McMurray Wednesday as Fire Danger Spikes

Urban heat islands leave cities sweltering

Motorcycle Gang Busted for Hacking and Stealing Over 150 Jeep Wranglers
– future I.O.T. Wranglers

Nine tenths of England’s floodplains not fit for purpose

Antarctica’s Larsen C Iceberg Ready To Break Off

America Is Racing Toward Peak Polarization

Fitch Warns Baidu Faces “Default Risk” Due To Growing Shadow Banking Business

US Middle Class Is Now The Company Store Class

New migrant surge on Britain’s doorstep, Calais official warns

‘Terrorist groups in Afghanistan strengthened, security deteriorating’

‘As long as US & NATO continue to stoke violence in Afghanistan, it’s bound to increase’

Military Spending is the Biggest Scam in American Politics

Six Things Trump’s FCC Chairman Doesn’t Want You to Know About Net Neutrality

Ethiopia turns off internet nationwide as students sit exams

Intellectual Property Is Real Money
I.P. = COLLAPSE | Open Source = Hope | Do we really need another robot make-work project?

Can AI Replace Doctors to Treat Cancers?

Occupy America – Take back your country!

Pay With Your Face In Germany

The A.I. Job Issue Is Real! – Baidu AI Director

Collapse Ideology

We are presented with polarized predictions of a high tech green energy nirvana and the apocalypse, neither of which is true and only one false. Go ahead, choose. Not only are these ideas destructive, they distract and amuse us. The Five Eyed FAAG.

5 Eyes  = Australia Canada New Zealand United Kingdom United States

FAAG = Facebook Amazon Apple Google


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