The A.I. Collapse Conspiracy

The young fella given double life-sentences for the Silk Road dark website was railroaded into jail, not for his crimes, but for offering people a way to communicate privately.

The FBI can now hack into your car and make it kill you by driving you into a wall. They have the key to all your text messages. They have access to so much data that it has triggered an AI explosion. If you think safety and wealth is worth it, you need help knowing this is not so.

Do you remember the tell-all smart dildo with phone app? It had an IOT device in it that had unfettered 3rd party access, I’ve heard of kiss and tell, but I don’t like sex with things smarter and louder than me.

We were going to arm AI mini-tanks with 50-caliber gun turrets and the automatic killĀ decision, but a show model pointed its gun at the generals first as soon as they turned it on. This so scared the generals, they were forced to delay deployment. They already built kill decision ready AI jet drones that can land without a pilot on an aircraft carrier.

We are devoting huge intellectual and mineral resources to aid consumer security. We are protecting rich consumers with declining resources while wealth falls into fewer hands. We are building a world empire based on chasing our own tails while the world collapses around us. The challenges we left the millennials are so massive, we need a human AI project, not a new Nvidia AI sex game.

Our consumer game ridden consumption must stop. There’s nothing I want more than to drink and drive in a self-driving smart car while playing VR sex games. But the urban public smart car fantasy is a fiction of the sopho-moronic Naomi Klein and her Rockefeller/Ford backers. We are going to run out of water and food before that alt-reality vision is ever effected.

If we don’t carbon tax consumerism we will kill ourselves, if we don’t let the consumer data empire expire, it will blow up. We have to focus resources on survival, not VR smart dildos. We don’t need AI resources to map ads to users. We are spending billions on internet consumer data security, yet all leaks are inside jobs. We are conspiring to get rich killing ourselves. I call this the collapse conspiracy.

The IOT Tree of Kowledge And Evil

HAL Unplugged


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