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Study reveals that green incentives could actually be increasing CO2 emissions –

World’s first commercial CO2 capture plant goes live = PR joke. This plant removes 900 tons of carbon per year, equal to just 200 cars. We need 250,000 of them just to remove just 1% of CO2. That’s likely just the equivalent of everyone holding their farts for one year. No one tells you how much the total cost of the plant is , but I imagine a few hundred million.

Video Of World’s First All-Electric VTOL Flying Car – Germany wants to populate the world with lithium powered flying VTOL cars that only require 20 hours of flight training. These cars can land and take off on a dime. Many young people will think that if you recharge a flying car battery with solar panels then you are still being green. But, mostly they think, “Wow, cool!” And who can blame them? Yet, many young hi-tech leaders also think they can achieve immortality within their lifetime.  So if I get this right, they think they’re going to live forever flying around in AI VTOL self-flying cars. Contrast that with Guy McPherson’s claim we are all going to be extinct within 20 years and you can see what we’re up against. There is an unfathomable divide in breadth and depth of thought about our future. Which opinion do you think sells easier, living forever in self-flying AI cars, or death and destruction in 20 years? But, far more importantly, will be whether you can drink and fly when computers are doing the all the actual flying, including vertical take off and landing?

Google Searches: Bieber Vs. Climate Change

Climate activist guilty of oil pipeline tampering, faces 10yrs in prison

71% Of People In Poland Want To Ban Muslim Immigration

From floods to fires, Russia sees stronger climate impacts

Small Climb in Temps Tied to Deadly Heat Waves

Rapid Uplift of Southern Tibet, Say Researchers

India’s Heat Waves More Deadly And Extreme With Warming

USA The 114th ‘Most-Peaceful’ Nation On Earth

US Market Risk Is Highest Since Pre-2008 Crisis – Bill Gross

Global Financial System More Leveraged Than 2008 – Paul Singer

Tech companies invade banks’ territory with customer loans

Weed Startups Will Make Warehouse Rents More Expensive in L.A. and Boston

Exponential Finance

Race to the Bottom – Politics is the organization of hatreds

Neoliberal Social Justice: From Ed Brooke to Barack Obama

The Bleak Left

Dr. Hook’s Bad Medicine Show





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