Collapse Daily Loki Links

Major Greenland melting could devastate crops in Africa

Climate Change Can Induce Food Violence

Farming, hunting push thousands of species toward extinction

Warmer climate raises extinction risk

 Americans ‘under siege’ from climate disinformation – former NASA chief scientist

India Goes Nuketard 

China building fleet of floating nuclear stations 

Brazilian indigenous leader tours Europe to beg for his people and land

Number Of Potential Migrants Worldwide Tops 700 Million

Could global warming shut down the Gulf Stream?

US, Saudi ‘hand’ in Tehran terror stokes all-out war

Ticks and the future of Lyme disease in Canada

Boxed in: life inside the ‘coffin cubicles’ of Hong Kong – in pictures

Black Lives Matter activists grow wary of their smartphones

YouBoob Favs

Drought Fire And Rain Bombs



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