Collapse Daily – Hangover Edition

Without Glass-Steagall America Will Fail

Rare Floods Are Normal

Once Again, Climate Change Cited as Trigger for War – SciAm

Food shortages due to climate change could fuel violence, unrest

Canada Is Using Genetics to Make Cows Less Gassy

Factory Farms Put Climate at Risk

China uncovers massive underground network of Apple employees selling customers’ personal data

Jim Rogers Warns Next Crisis Will Be “Biggest In My Lifetime”

80 Ducklings Found Dead in Lincoln Reflecting Pool

Will the Mainstream Media Ever Report On the Numerous Admitted False Flag Terror Attacks? = Does the Pope poop in the woods?

Air Force grounds F-35A operations at training base after pilots suffered hypoxia

Nuclear Regulators’ Flawed Analysis Leaves Millions at Risk From Radioactive Fires

Wholesale Trade Report Worse Than Expected

Japan to launch self-navigating cargo ships ‘by 2025’ – a pirates’ wet dream

Class Resentment and the Center-Left, or the Politics of “We Are the 80%”





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