Loki’s Newest Super Hero (Videos)

Climate Change May Lead to Greening of Sahara

A simple, 105 year old explanation of climate change

Ominous: FAANGs Laid Bare In Friday’s Tech Bloodbath

Ethiopia’s emergency food aid to run out next month


Unexpected new threat to the ozone layer

Climate change seen as posing risk to coastal areas

Arctic Sea Ice Primed for Phenomenal Melt Season

Most Ocean Pollution Comes From Asian Rivers

African Farmers Facing Heavy Prison Sentences If They Continue Their Traditional Seed Exchange

Once Again, Climate Change Cited as Trigger for War

US Weeks Away From A Recession According To Latest Loan Data

Another Spanish Bank about to Bite the Dust

Amazon has secretly become a big bank for small businesses

There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up

U.S.-Led Forces Said to Have Used White Phosphorus in Syria

America is no longer a force for stability in the Gulf

China’s plan to run the world

Drug crisis pushes up mortality rate for Americans in their prime  ‘For the first time, mortality rates are increasing without respect to geographic or racial boundaries, a harsh reflection of the widespread economic decline of America’s workers.’

On Mocking Dying Working Class White People

Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’

Spash Makes A Splash

Clive Spash is a rogue economist who actually talks truth to power, instead of carrying water for power as so-called liberal comedians are wont to do. This guy hates ‘green economics’ with a passion. He takes Lord Stern’s economic ‘conventional wisdom’ and punches it in the gut, then kicks it while it’s down. I fucking love this guy! Watch this first video debate where he and Kevin Anderson debate the two apologists on the left. Clive is wearing a horrendous green suit.

To get a real sense of Clive watch this next video. Stern and his elitist pals want rich countries to grow 3-4% while developing countries grow 6-7%. Growth is what really matters to them, ‘green’ is just the patina whitewash adjective. This kind of bullshit is called ‘green growth’ or ‘decoupling growth from resources’. 20% of the world lives on $1.25/day, but did you know that 80% of the world lives on $3,000/year? @ around the 30:00 mark.



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