A.I. CRISPR, Jobs, Food And Health

The CFO of Baidu China says that AI self-driving cars will be mass made by 2022. She said that we are in the third tech era with personal computers first, mobile computers second and AI is third, IMO CRISPR is the fourth and biggest new tech age. When you combine AI and CRISPR then we will have reached a technical nirvana that will be another end-of-history moment. Sanjiv Das of Santa Clara University really breaks down AI in an easy to digest way in this next video.

I’ve never seen two world shaking technical events to overwhelm the world simultaneously. CRISPR is the unlabeled and unregulated mad rush into genetically modifying our food and livestock. We are already eating it. This will make corporations rich while it makes you sick, but not to worry, big pharma will use CRISPR  to make you well again. If you thought the GMOs of 90s was something, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Once we combine AI and CRISPR, the sky’s the limit. This next video fucking hilarious.

Now none of this is any fun unless you throw in the transgenic post-human movement. You know, the people who want to upload their brains to the cloud. They’re like hipster tech nerd super-athletic wannabees. If you could make you or your kids smarter and stronger, would you? Here’s a couple of great videos on that line of thought. It’s humans vs. post-humans! So get your snacks ready and watch this…



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