Weaponized CRISPR Gene Drive Sumpremacy And The Chinese Genetic Superpower

If you put a CRISPR based gene drive in a mosquito, and it mates with a normal mosquito, ALL of those offspring will carry the modified gene. This means humans have the power to drive evolution itself. If just 1% of a population of mosquitoes is modified, within a year 100% of that population will be modified. This is fucking stupendous! We are on the brink of being able to spread desired genetic traits throughout any species we want, including ourselves. This also means genetic editing can become weaponized against most any species we want, or any type of human we want.

There’s a 24 year-old kid in China in charge of genetic I.Q. research, making people smarter. I haven’t finished watching this video yet, because it scares the fucking piss out of me.

You watch this if you want, I’m not… maybe.


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