Collapse Daily Loki Links

Urban heat island effect could double climate costs for cities

Why losing big animals causes big problems in tropical forests

Climate change causes killer heatwaves

Dwindling Peatlands Could Face Further Losses

Death Of The Human Investor: Just 10% Of Trading Is Regular Stock Picking

OPEC Oil Production Jumps In May Despite Output Cuts Deal

‘Impossible And Risky To Take In More Migrants’ – Rome’s Mayor

‘Retail Apocalypse’ Moves North As Sears Canada Admits Its Future Is In “Serious Doubt”

Trump cancels fishing net protection for whales and sea turtles

There are only two other times in history when stocks were more expensive than today

We’re not smart enough to spot a coming stock-market crash

Flint’s water has been poisoned for 1,047 days. It will cost around $216 million to fix the pipes. The military spends that amount every 2.2 hours.

At $75,560, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard – AKA Screw U

Daily aspirin behind more than 3,000 deaths a year

Fake news? Nobody beats the western media

Right-Wing Militia Helps Police Arrest Portland Protesters

Hong Kong Parking Space Sells for Record $664,300

The failure of Japan Inc to bail out Toshiba scares the piss out of corporations



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