Goodbye Dr. Evil!


I remember the old James Bond movies where some evil genius scientist planned to infect the world with a mutant bacteria to kill millions. Every Bond wannabe knew that all nerds were incurably evil except for Q who was inexplicably likable. Well, you don’t have to be an evil genius to kill millions anymore, you just have to be evil. Or even just mediocre and angry. Nowadays you can order your own CRISPER kit online for $140 and, oh yeah, it’s so easy that even undergraduates can do it, you no longer need a Phd in molecular biology or evil. I can just imagine that hick Cleatus from the Simpson’s ordering his today. CRISPR is so cheap and easy to do, I would imagine that it’s a race to see who can destroy humanity first, a rich corporation or some disgruntled nerd. Get yours today!$140+MAIL+ORDER



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