Are You Ready For 40% Unemployment In 10 Years?

Robots are faster, cheaper and smarter than ever.

Robot sales increased 59% from 2010 – 2015.

The following facts are from The McKinesy Quarterly Report of July 2016.

59% of American manufacturing jobs could be automated in 10 years.

90% of welders, cutters and solderer jobs will be automated in 10 years.

73% of food service work could be automated in 10 years.

53% of retail jobs could be automated in 10 years.

43% of finance and insurance jobs in 10 years.

Erik Brynjolfsson, co-author of The Second Machine Age says that America is on the precipice of a revolution not seen since the first industrial revolution. Erik says almost every profession will be affected.

So, millennial employment prospects are fading faster than ever, with the exception of a stint in Afghanistan. The top 3 employers in the U.S.  1) military 2) retail 3) food service. This is why you hear a lot of talk about a basic minimum income. Don’t be fooled, it’s just talk meant to smooth the way. Income redistribution is not in the cards, if anything income disparity is greater than ever with just 5 men owning 50% of the world’s wealth.

Whenever we are in crises mode, the media spits out a positive spin denial, just as they tell you solar and wind power will save us from climate disaster, or that CRISPR GMO foods will help save humanity from drought and floods. The first casualty in any war is the truth, and the top 20% of society are fighting for lives, which makes the bottom 80% of society the sacrifice zone.

According to Martin Ford, author of The Rise of The Robots, it will be the best jobs that will be impacted by automation. Lawyers, paralegals, pharmacists, pathologists, radiologists, office workers will be hard hit. Not to worry!!! The media spin is on the job. The media won’t save your job, but they will make you feel better about losing it. You’ll be told that “the end of work” is here, and that only fun, interesting, creative jobs will be needed. Are you feeling it yet? Don’t worry, even media press releases are automated now, and once you slap a wig and lipstick on the news anchor robot, how are you going to know if its real? The human news anchors we have right now already look like robots.


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