Collapse Daily Loki Links


May Continues a Ridiculous Warm Streak for the Planet

‘It’s A ‘Scary’ Time With A Global Crisis On The Way’ (CNBC)

Climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters

Maryland Island Denies Sea Level Rise, Yet Wants to Stop It – Scientific American

Scientists stunned by Antarctic rainfall and a melt area bigger than Texas

Brazil on verge of legitimizing Amazon land theft on a grand scale

Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species – Elon Musk – Bullshit Alert!!!

The U.S. Is Where the Rich Are the Richest – Bloomberg

Tax evaders exposed: why the super-rich are even richer than we thought – Guardian

No Wonder the Washington Post Is Fawning Over the Intelligence Community – Washington’s Blog

Lead Detected In 20% Of Baby Food Samples

Arsenic In Baby Food – CNN

Rice: The Secret Ingredient in Everything from Baby Food to Beer – Bloomberg

Arsenic In Rice – Wired




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