CDC: Deadly PFCs in Drinking Water And in 98% of Americans

While 15,000,000 Americans have the pleasure of drinking PFCs in their tap water the rest of us have to get by with ingesting it through sandwich wrappers, make-up and shampoo etc. That’s because this stuff is everywhere. Ingesting anything more than 1 part per trillion subjects you to stomach, liver and kidney cancers. So, along with 200,000,000 Americans drinking chromium-6, nobody really knows what’s in your drinking, and even if they do, they aren’t telling. Do you want to know why, then read the link and watch the video.

PFCs Unregulated: Means Nobody Gives A Fuck What Dupont Puts In Your Water

The Funny Version: Redacted Tonight @ 20:55 min.

200,000,000 Americans Drink Chromium-6 





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