Collapse Daily Loki Links

Sustainability revolution in Tajikistan keeps Taliban at bay – Bombing and Building Our Way To A Green Future. Without all the killing we do in Afghanistan, there is no green future, unless we did something really weird, like share the wealth. The trillion dollar mineral gold rush there includes lots of copper and lithium in the northeastern part of the country.

Afghanistan Mineral Map – click to zoom

Global Power Sector Emissions to Peak in 2026 – More green bullshit because we are just externalizing power sector emissions to the mining, manufacturing and shipping sectors.

We’ll Soon Be Using More Than Earth Can Provide

Cocaine trafficking is destroying Central America’s forests

Global diet and farming methods ‘must change for environment’s sake’

When A Certain Uncertainty Means Certainty: The Failure of Scientists to Communicate Effectively

As Arctic Sea Ice Shows Record Decline, Scientists Prepare to Go Blind

Rural divide – Sacrifice zones

The Toxic State of America Der Spiegel.

The Nazis Used It, We Use It – Starvation as a weapon

American Chipmakers Had a Toxic Problem. Then They Outsourced It

Global Inequality Much Worse Than Previously Thought

UK Wealth Gap Rises As Home Ownership Falls

UK Debt Bubble Returns Millions To Days Of 2008 Crash

Illinois Finances In ‘Massive Crisis Mode’

Abandoned and Abused: Syrian Refugee Children On Greek Detention Island


The Museum of Failures

2017 Surface Pro least repairable ever

Hong Kong bridge scandal widens with revelation that concrete tests were faked at 55 other projects

For Green Conspiracy Newbies



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