Collapse Daily Loki Links

A third of the world now faces deadly heatwaves as result of climate change

296 Earthquakes Near Yellowstone Supervolcano In Last 7 Days

Russia To Consider US Planes In Syria As ‘Targets’

Barclays and Four Executives Charged With Fraud In Qatar Case

Absent Without Leave – Kunstler

UK’s Co-op Bank In Advanced Talks To Be Rescued By Hedge Funds

Amazon Will Kill Your Local Grocer

Vanishing ice only exacerbates a bad situation – ars technica

True Motive Behind Global War on Drugs/Terror – Counterpunch

Seattle woman killed by police while children were home after reporting theft

Guns kill 1,300 US children every year, study finds BBC – guns don’t kill, children do

At Alibaba Gateway ‘17 in Detroit, China’s e-commerce giant is building its brand with US small businesses – Quartz

Alibaba will be bigger than economies of UK & France in 20yrs

Wells Fargo Is Accused of Making Improper Changes to Mortgages – Sun rises in the east again

Climate Change, White Supremacy and Disaster Capitalism – Counterpunch

Conglomerates Didn’t Die. They Look Like Amazon. = NYT Only when they start threatening the upper middle class do people like Andrew Ross Sorkin take notice

I Spent 14 Months in Jail Because I Couldn’t Pay My Way Out – Truthout

Flying Green – As I live an breathe



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