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We are at war in the middle east for a gas pipeline while we talk of robots taking half our jobs in ten years and selling a green energy dream to the rich. We do not have enough energy to reduce emissions and sell electric vehicles to eliminate poverty with a universal basic income. We still allow banks to bribe pension fund managers to buy insolvent bank stock. We like to pretend 2007 is not happening again. Universal Basic Income is a stalling tactic before your pension haircut puts the skin on your scalp in the game. You lost your homes in 2007, now you are going to lose your pensions and the banks are going to make you pay for it. This is a crime pure and simple.

The real crime is that this all serves to distract us from mitigating and adapting to collapse. Specifically, the collapse of energy accounting for mineral depletion in our habitat. Earth will not be fine without us.

This mineral collapse is destroying millions of acres of soil everywhere. It’s causing 80% of animal extinctions.  It is ruining our health and making us sick. Our food is so poisoned we’ve become allergic to gluten, which is something we’ve eaten for 10,000 years. If we painted the Sahara desert green it would look like our fields of corn and soy. This crop land is so poisoned that even bees can’t live there. This degradation of soil is a depreciating asset externalized by accounting rules.

The only way to even begin to solve this is to devise a world e-currency based on open source rules. So that instead of hiding all the money in secret in foreign banks, we pool it all to survive, but we can’t even discuss it because power is not given, it is only taken, and the only way to take power is through the internet.

It is because we lack the imagination and willpower to do anything that we will fail. We can’t pretend even more fraudulent carbon trading schemes work. Europe’s carbon trading scheme is run by charlatans and crime syndicates. They get 60% of their defined “renewable energy” from burning trees shipped worldwide. This is a crime based on accounting rules. Europeans burn palm and soy oils in their diesel cars and lie about emissions. This is a crime based on accounting rules. We will likely have to turn over carbon and mineral energy accounting over to an open source artificial intelligence.

Well, that’s the morning’s rant, have a great day.

37 of the World’s Biggest Banks Fueling Climate Change

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Oil Prices ‘Like A Falling Knife’

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The Wheels Come Off Uber

Brazil evicts 80 rural peasant families and awards land to thieves

New highway from Venezuela and Ecuador through Colombia plows through forests

Mattel Introduces New Diverse Ken Dolls – but is it IOT enabled?

Gulf woes resound across south Asia as worker remittances drop FT

For thousands of U.S. auto workers, downturn is already here

Truck-driving is a modern form of indentured slavery – thank god for self-driving trucks





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