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The State of The State of Emergency

Let’s just say I invented a magical electricity source that was 100% emissions free, the size of an iphone, lasted forever, all for $100.00.  Not only would I be richer than the Rosthschilds, I would be a god. Right up there with Jesus, Mohamed and Moses, or even Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg. All 6 media corporations would line up to kiss my ass.

The only problem is that electricity is only 20% of total world energy demand and the carbon disruption from all the “green growth” from my magical device would send a pulse of growth emissions that would blow our carbon budget all to hell. We think we are green because we don’t understand how energy rich we are. Not only is energy poverty coming, but energy will get dirtier and dirtier even as China pollutes its air shipping more and more solar panels and wind turbines worldwide.

100% total world energy transitions take several decades to do. We still burn wood but nowadays call it green energy. Northern Europe gets 60% of its “renewable electricity” by deforesting the whole planet. Pellets are shipped there from all over the world. Then when a small bush grows back in the clear cut we say, “Oh look! The forest is back.” Deforestation rates are a lie based on the definition of “forest”. We replace the clear cuts with palm oil plantations and count them as forests. Then we send the palm oil to Europe to burn in diesel cars as “biofuels”.

Some of these science whores will talk about algae ponds for solar/wind back up energy, what they don’t tell you is that humanity would need a country the size of Argentina to do this. South Korea doesn’t have enough land for 100% solar/wind power. The U.N. science pimps tells us we’ll get carbon negative energy growing all manner of plants, and they tell us we need new arable land the size of India to do it. That’s 1.2 million square miles, yet the whole planet only has 12 million square miles and we are losing 40,000 square mile of arable land per year. That rate of loss is not fixed and is bound upwards.

The Energy Boom You Haven’t Heard About: Wood Pellets – dated 2014

Arable Land Vs. Population

Prince Harry Just In It For The Money!!! Doesn’t Want To Be King!!!! – Snark

Reserves and parks not enough to protect nature – David Attenborough

Coffee plants could be extinct in 70 years – Joe Jones

Brazil plans 40 dams in 20 years – This will destroy the Amazon

Warming Temperatures Threaten Sea Turtles – by weight, there used to be more sea turtles than buffalo in the Caribbean.

Climate Change Altering Droughts

Atlantic Oil Sonic Surveys Kill Plankton – likely ain’t good for whales either

Accelerating Rate of Temps Rise in the Pyrenees – Mountain ranges heating fast

Natural gas can’t help to curb climate change – This includes the stupid schemes to make gas from the carbon in the air which are just like the tree burning nonsense.

Good luck charms sold as plant roots are in fact dried lizard dicks 

Why troposphere warming differs between models and satellite data

May admits 600 buildings have similar flammable cladding to Grenfell

Credit-Card Debt Slaves Move to Top of Fed’s Bank Worries

Citizens Will Soon Turn Their Rage Towards Central Bankers

UK Homelessness Surges 34% Under Tories Since 2010

In Yemen’s Secret Prisons, UAE Tortures and US Interrogates

America’s Most Dangerous Cities

Whites Will Lose Majority Around 2040

Fake online stores reveal gamblers’ shadow banking system

U.S. Torture, A Saudi Coup And ISIS Crimes – “By, With And Through Allies” – Moon of Alabama

The Lack of Demand for Equality – Stumbling and Mumbling

Equitable Growth in Conversation: David Weil

Ground Report: How Demonetisation Intensified Farmers’ Distress and Triggered Protests – The Wire

Thomas Edsall Tells Us If We Define Globalization as a Process Designed to Redistribute Upward, the Working Class Won’t Like Globalization – CEPR. “The ‘globalizers’ strongly support protectionist measures that benefit people like them.”

Schultz Shoots Self In Mouth – kicking it down a notch

One of Paul Beckwith’s better not bitter videos

Mister Grumpy Pants’ Collapse


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