Maps of U.S. Military Bases And Nuclear Power Stations And The New Atlantis

Known U.S. Nuclear Stations


Known U.S. Military Bases


New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson


I liked Kim’s last novel called Aurora, it showed how extremely difficult biomes in space are to maintain. It’s long winded and boring, but an excellent book idea. But what about New York underwater?

Sea level rise estimates have tripled recently, and James Hansen says they can quickly become on a “meters per decade scale” as early as 2050-2060 along with monster storms unseen in humanity’s existence.

Add all this shit up and you can easily see we are going to have to decommission all our coastal nuclear reactors and at least recommission military installations. Which means making them stand up to floods and super storms. Yet the Pentagon wastes about $5 trillion per decade on corruption while the CIA won’t stop their War On Democracy.

It takes like 50 years to decommission nuclear reactors.

There’s a legend about a fabled sea-faring city called Atlantis that sunk beneath the sea for their evil ways. This happened some 10,000 years or more ago, and it’s going to happen again because we have literally forgotten our ancient past. And you know what they say about history.

So sing New York, New York and don’t forget that salt water very quickly rusts steel-reinforced concrete. That’s why Kim’s vision may be a bit off, because once inundated, New York towers will start toppling within 20 years, maybe as early as 2060. Who knows? But, look at the nuclear plants and military bases in Florida. It ain’t gonna be pretty.


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