Uber Rant – The Unreality Of James Hansen


Germany is shuttering its nuclear stations and now has to burn dirty brown coal to back up its solar/wind project. They do this while trying to sell us electric cars. We can’t shut down nuclear power, buy electric cars and run it all on solar/wind power. This is fucking impossible. At the same time, you can’t shut nuclear plants, sell electric cars, run it on solar/wind power and fund a massive war with Russia.

France has been getting 80% of its electricity from nuclear power since the stoned age. Now they want to use carbon taxes to shut down all their nuclear power too. They describe it as “Social Justice”. It’s like a virtue signalling pissing competition or a new media version of “Holier Than Thou”. Most of the population doesn’t understand you can’t shut nuclear plants, buy electric cars and run it all on a few million acres of solar/wind power. We can’t pick and choose power like a restaurant menu item. You go to war with the army you got not the army you want.

Nuclear plants take 50 years to shut down and hundreds of billions in waste management. They are old and sitting in flood/drought danger zones. James Hansen also warned us of super storms in 40 years so big they pick up one ton rocks off the ocean floor and toss them high up on the coast. Imagine giant rocks hurling at you from the ocean. In fact these super storms will be far stronger than what any human has seen in all our existence as a species on earth. That means we have to decommission a lot of old nuclear plants and dispose of the waste. Here’ a map of known nuclear power stations just in America.


Now here’s the tricky part. James Hansen says that new nuclear power can make old nuclear waste safe and power America for 300 years. You can get 300 years of emissions free power by cleaning up nuclear waste. This is vital because nuclear waste doesn’t go away just because we want it to. In fact, we are losing the skills we need to clean up the mess we made.

James also says that the melting of Greenland glaciers will accelerate to the point where sea levels rise at the rate of meters per decade by 2060. That doesn’t mean everything will still be okay up to 2059 either. And that rate will go up. Seas can rise incredibly fast. I’m not the one saying this. This is James fucking Hansen.

Here’s what I’m saying. By 2050, we will see super mega monster storms and quickly rising seas next to our nuclear plants. Closing our eyes and shaking our fists won’t make this problem go away. I also don’t recommend offshore wind turbines.

What the media has created is the wired disconnected class. Wired into bullshit, disconnected from reality. Vertical farms and self-driving electric VTOL cars are not the real future. Cities are rural resource vacuums that bleed the countryside dry. They are inherently unsustainable. Steel reinforced concrete decays extremely fast when exposed to salt water. All of Manhattan island is made of steel reinforced concrete and once New York goes under those towers will topple within like 20 years.

We can’t divide the population into tooth faeries and war pigs and expect to survive. The U.S. armed forces and government are the number one employer in a weaponized economy. We have to unite to survive. It’s up to us to breach the empathy divide. Why not? Bernie did it.

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