A.I. Exponential Manufacturing And CRISPRWARE

When an A.I. expert tells you there’s nothing to worry about, there’s something to worry about. When an A.I. expert wants an “adult conversation” about A.I., then why do I feel like a child being talked down to?

A.I. is not only faster, cheaper, smarter, it is exponential, especially for manufacturing and wealth concentration.

Facebook Amazon Apple and Google are concentrating wealth into fewer hands on a scale not seen since the invention of agriculture, A.I. speeds that concentration up. CRISPR is the greatest invention since fire, have you noticed any firestorms lately?

General Electric has been using A.I. for 20 years, but it’s only now just become a self-sustaining reaction. I can’t wait to read about a sustainable A.I. ecology. I’m not against A.I., I’m against how we use it.

Measures are laughably being taken to tame the mighty beast, but humans have never met a forbidden fruit they didn’t like. It’s the same with CRISPR. If you think Ransomware is bad, just wait until we get CRISPRWARE! That’s when you hire an undergrad to make a new bacterial disease and cure all in one shot. You give the disease away for free, and charge for the cure. We already got A.I. designed DNA in our food. I call it the green thumb ecology of sustainable collapse. At least we’re good at something. And like hitting your green thumb with a hammer, it feels so good when you stop.

When we first discovered nuclear power we promised it would eventually be used for good. Then we buried nuclear Thorium research because it was too safe and cheap. I don’t have to ask how that’s working for ya. But first, a drink.

America’s First Robot Bar Opens In Vegas: The hand that doesn’t tremble.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Exponential Manufacturing




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