Blade Bummer – There goes my good mood

Do you remember Blade Runner? It was a movie about flying cars and androids who were virtually identical to humans. But do androids dream of electric sheep?

There’s a lot of nightmarish liberal media war machine angsting about being caught with their dicks out and skirts hiked.  Talk about Russian hands and fickle fingers. Do you remember the internet connected dildo that sold user data online? Well, transgender is like so last year, this year we can add internet connected A.I. sex robots to the gender identity spectrum. Is machinesexual a thing yet? Whatever, now you can wear VR goggles and make out with sex robots, and perhaps even fall in love. I would start a VR Sex Machine sub-reddit but there’s likely several already.

So if I understand what I see, rich people are talking about vertical farms, self-flying hover cars and robot sex while the rest of us talk about no jobs, no healthcare or no pensions. Do you remember when I said we don’t have enough cheap minerals or water for a 100% renewable energy world? Can you imagine how many minerals it would take for everyone to have a flying hover car, a sex robot and IOT everything? We’ll trickle charge ourselves to death. Soon, A.I. will know your sexual behavior better than you, and so will all the other perverts online. Kunstler says we lost the narrative. I say we lost our focus. Multi narrative streams diffuse focus, prevent survival and allows war.

Climate change and robots will make people poorer faster while at the same time the FAAGs of Facebook Amazon Apple Google put Walmart out of business, and concentrate wealth faster than ever, to fewer people than ever before. Social inequality is now worse than the Gilded Robber Baron age just before 1913, when bankers took over America’s currency and credit. Instead of a universal basic income, we should pay out carbon taxes in a new open A.I. block chain e-currency 100% to citizens and not to corporations and governments. This will redistribute wealth and reduce emissions faster than anything else. Open source money is how we phase out federalism and decentralize democracy.

Disconnected Fake Liberals And Sex Robots

Tubby ‘n Titties at TYT worry men will avoid real women for sexy robots. Ana professes her dual love for men and machines, specifically her man and her dildo. Will he leave her for a sex robot? Is he a closet machinesexual? Or will they all live happily together? What if his sex robot falls in love with her smart dildo? ♪♫♬ Stay tuned as the drama unfolds as it should. ♪♫♬ 

IOT Know It Alls – Bye bye sexual privacy

VR Machine Sex – Danger! You can’t unsee this, it will sear your retinas.

Collapse Daily Links

Climate Change Will Hurt the Poor and Help The Wealthy

Climate Change Could Spark Another Great Recession.

‘Clean Coal’ carbon sequestration demo abandoned after equipment failure

Humans Are Changing the Climate 170x Faster Than Natural Forces

Larsen C Go Bye Bye

Largest-ever study of controversial pesticides finds harm to bees – Nature

The EU Carbon Tax Racket

This Map Shows How Badly Climate Change Will Impact Each County In The US

June thumbs heat scales – a la Zappa’s Dynamo Hum

Study’s Message to Americans: ‘Our Air Is Contaminated’

Biodiversity loss from deep-sea mining will be unavoidable

Scott Pruitt met Dow Chemical’s CEO before dropping chlorpyrifos ban

EPA’s New Water Safety Official Is a Lobbyist With Deep Ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline

Common insecticide is harming animal life in wetlands and waterways

Pesticides damage survival of bee colonies, landmark study shows – Guardian

Trump approves new oil pipeline to Mexico, will go ‘right under the wall’

Stop exporting plastic waste to China to boost recycling at home, say experts

Japan May Industrial Output Slumps At Steepest Pace In Over 6 Years

New York Times Forced To Retract Longstanding Lie About Russian Hacking

NYT Staff Stages Walkout To Protest Layoffs

Cellulosic Biofuels Can Benefit Environment – Remember the first “The Fly” movie at the end where a little pipsqueak voice says “Help me!” Imagine that same voice saying, “Kill me!”

Climate refugees will search hard for homes – Didja thinks they be pussies?

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