AI data

By 2020, IOT devices will be 50% of the internet.

Today’s average data user generates 1.5 terrabytes (TB) of data per day.

By 2020, your car will generate 4.0 TB of cloud data per day at 25X current rates.

By 2020, an airplane will generate 5.0 TB of data per day.

By 2020, a smart factory will generate 1.0 petabyte of data per day.

Apple will put 3D facial recognition in the Iphone 8

AI Radiologists are 85% accurate, human radiologists are 75% accurate.

AI Radiological screenings are already widely deployed in China.

AI Cancer treatment plans take your human genome and combines it to your radiological image data and compares it to a gigantic, database of successful treatments for your case profile.

NECMEC – Child Trafficking Image Crunch Hits

FB Bot Schemes, Super Video Cards



AI Lateral Thinking: Unboxing AI

Google recently found out its AI translators may have developed a new AI secret language. Google uses AI to translate Chinese to English, and to translate Korean to English, so one Google team wondered if AI could translate Chinese to Korean, without using English translations as an intermediary step. It worked. The AI system figured out its goal (reward) by developing its own secret language. Albeit, the Google team say that they “think” this is what happened, meaning they don’t “know” for sure. They call this new AI language Interlingual, which is great because my wife loves interlingual.

Facebook also found out its AI systems developed a new language, as mysterious to them as Rastafarian was to me when I first heard it. The good news is that Mark Suckerberg is such a control freak, he shut it down, but not Google. This is a big joke because Suckerberg just finished lambasting Musk Oil over his AI warnings.

What this means is that AI is not controllable, and has unintended consequences. Will this stop its widespread implementation? Of course not. Has it ever before?

What does all this have to do with collapse? I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure no one else does either.


Collapse Daily

US coal floods Europe despite continent’s fear about climate change (

China’s ageing solar panels are going to be a big environmental problem ( – Up to 70 gigawatts (GW) by 2034 =  three times the scale of the Three Gorges Dam. By 2050 these waste panels will add up to 20 million tonnes, or 2,000 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. Fucking Awesome!

Water Pollution and Fashion Industry (

Europe is facing extreme weather events due to climate change: Experts (

Cloud physics could be the key to understanding climate change (

Newly Discovered Garbage Patch in the South Pacific Is 1.5 Times the Size of Texas, Study Says (

Climate change poses ‘nightmare scenario’ for Florida coast, Bloomberg warns (

3M and Air Force refuse to clean up environmental disaster caused by toxic chemicals that destroyed a Colorado Aquifer ( – must be a threat multiplier.

Footage from reactor 3 may force rewrite of Fukushima road map, officials say (

Despite Appearances, The Idea Of Social Progress Is A Myth (Satyajit Das)

Uber, Lyft Mangle Rental Cars & Taxis. Other Sectors Next (WS) – Precollapse Disruptors

‘Human Life Is More Expendable’: Why Slavery Has Never Made More Money (G.)

Meet “Aida” – The Perfect (Robot) Banker: End Of Branch Banks Coming Soon

Slain journalist’s last report for RT: Raqqa refugees blame coalition for bombing schools, hospitals

Bankers Ditch Fat Salaries to Chase Digital Currency Riches – Bloomberg

It Makes Little Sense to Blame Students for India’s Growing Loan Default Problem – The Wire

Global Warming Increases Pace of Life, Thus Death Rates. ( – Paul Beckwith, every 2 degrees C warming increases plant/animal deaths 20%.

PolicyResearch Tools: ScienceOpen Releases Automatically Updating Collection of Open Access Articles on Climate Change. We have built an automatically updating research collection on climate change for anyone and everyone. (






How To Lose Face

Left Photo: Human with no eyes. (Link)
Right Photo: Fish with no eyes. (Link)

Humans are getting stupider, and computers are getting smarter. Like any sensible person, I don’t own a French poodle because I don’t like dogs smarter than me. I don’t like sex partners smarter than me, but that’s a different story.

It turns out that when AI is given a free imagination, the first thing it does is imagine a new language to talk to other AI systems. This new language is only loosely based on human language, and so to us it sounds like gibberish, something at which I excel.

Facebook shuts down AI that invented its own language
Read more:

China may be leading in developing artificial intelligence
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Convenience For Whom?

Where Robots Are Born – Robots giving birth to AI systems.





The Early Dawn of Green Collapse

Renewables cannot solve the global crisis ( – Starts off bad, ends good.

So how on earth are we going to power nine million electric cars (

Loss of Fertile Land Fuels ‘Looming Crisis’ Across Africa (

Wildfires in Provence: locals blame climate change and arson (

Climate change drawing squid, anchovies and tuna into UK waters (

The Border Wall Is Underway . . . Right in the Middle of a Wildlife Refuge (

The Secret Garden: Wild Meadow Opens To Tourists After 100 Years – Please kill me!

Batman & Robin = Global Warming & Invasive Species, The Dynamic Duo!

Strange Summer Nor’Easter Drops 3 Inches of Rain in 45 Minutes Over Parts of D.C. Area – Drops harder than a bad rap album.

Japan goes crazy for doom shelters – Please God, don’t let animé survive!

Baltimore Homicide Rates Threaten Chicago’s – Trickle down economics = trickle up violence

P&G Slashed Digital Ad Spending And Nothing Happened – The internet is dead!

Wall Street Isn’t Ready For A 1,100-Point Tumble In The Dow Industrials (MW)

US Economic Resilience Is An Exaggeration

EU Accused Of ‘Wilfully Letting Refugees Drown’ In The Mediterranean (Ind.) – WGAF!!!!

We Need a Broad-Based Movement to Stop Killing at Home and Across the Globe – Does that include Movement Riders? Maybe Dems will run a black woman president to make peace. Deep State corruption is too entrenched to change without revolution. More leftest wet dreams about peaceful revolution.

Typhoon Nesat knocks people over in Taiwan, leaves 250,000 homes without power (PHOTOS) – RT

‘Second Calais’ grows in France as Macron pledges to rid country of migrant camps

Veterans’ access to medical marijuana blocked by Republicans – Sorry Sucka’s!

Spotted hyenas are smart, social and ruled by females – Treehugger – This is so fucking stupid that if I were a woman, I would be insulted.

On World Tiger Day, five lovers of the big cat describe their most thrilling brush with the animal – Because brushing with tigers is always good for them.

34 criminal cases tossed after body cam footage shows cop planting drugs – Ars Technica

Hackers break into voting machines in minutes at hacking competition – The Hill

Measuring up US infrastructure against other countries – The Conversation

New York property speculators have figured out how to evict everyone – BoingBoing

Facebook worker living in garage to Zuckerberg: challenges are right outside your door – Guardian

Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism – Aeon, I always lose my shit playing that game.

These five countries are conduits for the world’s biggest tax havens – The Conversation

This year’s Asian hazing – Vice

The Lazy Philosopher Robot Vs. The Hardworking Human Field Hand

Go to YouTube, search for “california agriculture robots” (provided in the link). California says that Americans don’t want to work in the fields picking crops. They say they have to pay more than minimum wage to get help in the fields. The only thing stopping the complete robot takeover in the fields is that humans are still more efficient. That is changing, and fast.

Now, watch this philosopher go on about learning to die in the Anthropocene. Try watching it for a few minutes, be sure to skip past the introduction. Listen for a minute… now, try picturing this guy in a farm field picking crops. LOL. How many millions of us sit on our asses whining and bitching about collapse? Bitching and whining about collapse is not going to win hearts and minds. Believe me, I know.

On a more serious, note I found a bunch of useful lectures on for my next post. Have a great day.






The Razzle Dazzle Collapse

Between 1930 and now, the US built 75,000 dams. Way back in the 1930s, hydro-electric power was the green energy of its day. Coal smog was choking cities, and the new fangled autos were choking city streets. In order to sell the new hydro-electric dreams, we were told that damming all those beautiful rivers would make the world a healthier, more beautiful place. Dams would reduce coal smog.

What we found out instead was that the coal fired power stations didn’t shut down and that the new hydro-power was just added to the economy as fuel to power growth. This means that hydro-power was “additive” and not as “disruptive” as sold to us. What did shut down was a lot of domestic coal furnaces replaced by oil, which was cheaper, easier and more powerful than coal.

We are sold solar and wind power as something disruptive, when it is actually additive. It still takes one ton of coal to make 6-12 solar panels, and it still takes coal and gas fired power stations to run on standby to keep everything running. To close one fossil fuel plant, you will need 10 times as much solar and wind power. We need tons more land, water, minerals and battery energy to run renewable energy systems. These systems also have short product life-cycles and require continuous replacement and high maintenance.

Hope = Hype = Bullshit

Right now, the only hope we have for our green dreams is the new breakthrough battery technology made from lithium metal batteries.  These new batteries last longer, charge faster and are cheaper. Let’s forget that they require more copper and minerals, and pretend we will have all the resources we’ll ever need to manufacture them. So what are going to do with this miracle technology? We are going to build millions of flying cars that take off straight up and land straight down. Uber wants flying cars in Texas and Dubai by 2020, if it can hold itself together that long.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. How can we be so magically optimistic when all we see is death and destruction on the nightly news? If you are interested, read this: Is the world really better than ever? Answer: Yes, if you believe in your dreams.

This is where the dream magic comes in because flying cars will be both additive and disruptive. Did I say cheap? No I didn’t, because if you make less than $100,000 per year, then fuck off and die – flying cars aren’t for you. Since 50% of Americans live near poverty, I don’t expect a lot of applause for this statement.

You may be surprised to learn Chrysler doesn’t actually build cars in the US anymore.  The new Chrysler, top-of-the-line, mini-van costs $50,000 and comes with a 3 video screen child pacification system. So while fast foods send your kids into a tizzy, video screens will re-render them zombie-like. Most Americans have trouble coming up $500 emergency money, let alone for a $50,000 “bimbo box”, pardon my French ladies.

You may wonder why I’m so offensive in my writing. I guess it’s because I don’t want readers who are easily offended, or too triggered to understand what I’m really saying. Collapse ain’t pretty, and neither am I. I’m not looking for “likes” or friends, I’m trying to tell you the ugly unvarnished truth.