2025: Robot Invasion in Full Swing

Robot Boots On The Ground 

The conventional wisdom is that robots will be nearly half way to taking all our jobs by 2025. The word cobot is tossed around a lot to make us think we will still have jobs, but don’t be fooled. There’s going to be a lot of bullshit about how robots will free us from drudgery. It starts with all the loose talk about a Universal Basic Income. They will make sure this talk goes on for at least 10 years because by then it will be too late.

More Robots = Fewer Jobs + Lower Wages   – Bloomberg

The Bloomberg map show where the robots are, mostly Michigan and Texas. Michigan for the cars and Texas for plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

7 Jobs Intelligent Robots Will Take First 

1. Truck drivers
2. Legal support staff (39% of jobs by 2020)
3. Medical professionals and doctors
4. Accountants
5. Report writers
6. Salespeople
7. Construction workers

10 jobs robots already do better than you – MarketWatch

1. Stockroom worker
2. Bartender
3. Soldier (25% by 2030)
4. Pharmacist
5. Farmer
6. Bomb squad
7. Journalist
8. Housekeeper
9. Paralegals and doc-review-focused attorneys
10. Tellers and clerks

Robots won’t just take our jobs – they’ll make the rich richer

What jobs will still be around in 20 years? Read this to prepare your future – The Bank of England said that 80,000,000 US jobs might be taken over by robots.

The chances your job will be automated
99% … Telemarketer
98% … Loan officer
97% … Cashier
94% … Paralegal and legal assistant
89% … Taxi driver
81% … Fast food cook
Here Come the Robots: Your Job Is at Risk – The risks of job automation in developing countries is estimated to range from 55 to 85%, with China at 77% and India at 69%. The risk for Malaysia is estimated at 65-70%. The developed OECD countries’ average risk is only 57%.

Smart robots will take over 33% of jobs by 2025

Smart Robots Put 10.5 Million US Jobs At High Risk,

Will Robots Rule Finance? (230,000 finance jobs lost to robots by 2025)

Robots Are Preparing to Fill 200,000 Vacant Construction Jobs

Robots could wipe out another 6 million retail jobs – May. 19, 2017

Pizza-Making Robots Are Taking Over California

Robots are taking more factory jobs than Mexico or China –  Trade took 13% of America’s factory jobs, 88% were taken by robots

Automation Invasion: Robots Are Coming for Your Job – From 2000-2010 5,000,000 manufacturing jobs disappeared, automation took 87 percent of those jobs.

Robots could take over 38% of U.S. jobs within about 15 years

Robots and jobs: Evidence from the US – There are 1.5-1.7 million robots now, by 2025 there will be 4-6 million. Robots reduce wages and employment.

The 5 jobs robots will take first – There is an 83% chance that workers who earn $20 an hour or less could have their jobs replaced by robots in the next 5 years. Those in the $40 an hour pay range face a 31% chance of having their jobs taken over by the machines.

Tesla’s Model Y Will Be Built Entirely By Robots

Whole Foods to fire humans and replace them with robots

Company to use robotics in new Iowa pork plant

Driverless Buses: Are Robots Coming for Your Bus Driver’s Job?

Robots Could Take Over Every Job

Robohub Digest 2017: Royal Society’s machine learning report


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