The US govt is removing scientific data from the Internet

Global Sea Level Rise Accelerates Since 1990 – Greenland. Exactly what Hansen warned will cause mega monster super storms and seas rise acceleration measured in meters/decade by 2060.

Scientists can’t explain Greenland ice melt speed up – but they won’t let that stop them.

1/3 of Americans Are About to Have Their Drinking Water Deregulated by the EPA

Fish farms at war with Scotland’s EPA over toxic pesticide – because farmed salmon doesn’t taste shitty enough, it has to poisonous too.

Ocean turns red with blood after hundreds of whales slaughtered at festival – cause nothin’ says lovin’ like killing by the dozen.

‘Big Bang’ and ‘Pillar of Fire’ as latest of two new craters forms this week in the Arctic

Brain Parasite That Causes Meningitis Now In Florida, Thanks To Climate Change

Deer numbers drop almost 40 percent as animals avoid oil and gas wells

Half-A-Degree Rise In Temperature Could Trigger Weather Extremes

Court Ruling Sends Illinois Into Financial Abyss

Only 2% of US Politicians Actually Want to Stop Arming Terrorists

Qatar Rejects Deadline Demands, Saying It Does Not Fear Military Action

Total set to sign $4.8bn gas deal with Iran – not a nothing burger.

“Another Day, Another Russia Retraction, Maggie Haberman At NYT” –  dailywire

Number of US police shooting victims to approach 1,000 by end of year

Collapsing ceilings and no working toilets: Sears workers describe decay in failing stores

As lakes run dry in Chennai, India residents are desperate for a few buckets of water

Did Demonetisation Bring About a Digital Transaction Revolution In India?

Afghan Civilians Describe Terrorization by US Drones – not like I care or anything.





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