Collapse Daily Loki Links

‘Our Future Is Slavery, The West Gets Everything’ – Congo

This popular painkiller also kills kindness – Opioids kill empathy, ya feel me?

Ars Technica Prostitutes Itself For Neonics – Neonics are water soluble which helps spread it around. If a bird eats 3 of those seeds, it will die. Saying cigarettes are only one cause of lung cancer doesn’t make smoking them any safer.

Paris Climate Deal Runs On Emissions Bullshit

How climate change could threaten the water supply for millions of Californians

Wildlife suffered higher than normal losses in severe weather across the western U.S.

Looters strip Greek mountains of wild tea, rare plants

For Sale: Endangered Tigers. Will Perform for Food

How Harry Potter Sparked Illegal Owl Trade In Indonesia – Those lil’ fuckers.

Global sea ice area June 2017

Black Carbon Persists in Snow and Ice

Illinois House Approves Major Income Tax Hike

Saudi, Allies Give Qatar Two More Days To Accept Demands – When kids draw lines in the sand.

How America’s Aircraft Carriers Could Become Obsolete – Bloomberg

Why the Media Really Hates ‘War Machine’ – Because they’re dick twats.

The Crash of 1929

1,800 tons of radioactive waste has an ocean view and nowhere to go – LA Times


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