Passing Gas


China’s climate hoax punks willing America – China is financing and building 700 coal plants around the world. Yet the media tells you China is cutting coal use. i.e. – China cuts use of dirty coal by 40 percent .

The media also makes you think China is a green energy hero. Nothing could be further from the truth because China is using massive amounts of water and energy to turn coal into synthetic gas, and they are exporting that know-how around the world. Then they turn around and say, See? We’re burning less coal!

China cuts pollution at home, grows coal abroad,

Highly polluting, water guzzling coal conversion technology booming in China – FT April 12

Natural gas is not granola.

Of course the media tell you clean coal technology is dead in America, but it is alive and well in China and all over the world.

Coal-to-chemicals challenges in developing countries

Coal gasification from 2014.


Here are China’s overseas coal projects.


Collapse Daily Links

On the causes of mass extinctions – volcanos

U.N. says world hunger rising again

Extreme Weather Conditions Account for 40% of Global Wheat Production Variability

Half a degree warmer means a lot

UK withdrawal from EU fisheries agreement threatens marine environment

Warnings of new Arctic explosions at some 700-plus sites in Yamal due to thawing permafrost

Coral reef at risk as oil companies plan to drill near Amazon river

Illegal fishing, logging and poaching are impacting two-thirds of the 57 natural World Heritage sites

Indonesia running out of places to put rescued animals

85,000 people apply for just 30 banking jobs in Italy

China Scrambles To Replace Workers With Robots – Saves on room and board

South Korea’s facing another debt bubble – Asia Times

How Middle-Class America Got Fleeced – Bloomberg

Europeans Are Drinking Themselves to Death – Bloomberg

The Price of America’s Endless Wars – Consortium News

US still has no path to peace in Afghanistan, bipartisan senators say – Guardian

How to See What the Internet Knows About You (And How to Stop It) – New York Times

Google Could Soon Have Access Sensitive Genetic Patient Data— We Should All Be Worried – Newsweek

Politics As Blood Sport

Mega Monster Fuck Ups

The Silk Road construction alone will put a fuck into carbon budgets just from concrete, pavement and steel emissions. Watch the folly in this next video as giant mega projects mean giant mega fuck ups. Watch what’s happening in Nigeria. This video has lots of surprises yet still barely scratches the surface.

This next video ignores the pitfalls of hi-tech farming and glosses over the bad stuff. It’s like a robot tindr video for a better future. Humans need not apply. I can’t wait for robot vertical farms.

Do you know what will power all this? Coal gasification. They’ll tell you it’s solar/wind power, that’s not true. It still takes a ton of coal to make 6-12 solar panels, doesn’t include shipping.

Meanwhile Northern Europe is getting 60% of its “renewable energy” by burning wood pellets shipped from around the world. They burn palm oil and soy oil in their diesel cars while we burn corn in ours. Then the WWF leads the way counting Indonesian palm oil plantations as “forests”. China’s pigs eat half the soy grown in South America. China has built gigantic cities in coastal delta areas on The Ring of Fire. Those cities face a future of super storms and floods. They poured more concrete in 3 years than we have in 100. They are building a fleet of floating nuclear power plants. They’re doing this so we can buy cheaper solar panels and smart phones. I’ve been talking about this for years and nothing changes. We are not heroes except in our minds.

On a lighter note, I did find a snake in the bathroom today. It’s okay.


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