Collapse Daily Loki Links

Great Barrier Reef dead at 25 million – that’s too young

Great Ape Bush Meat Crisis Intensifies – no solution in sight

Dahr Jamail | It’s Raining in Antarctica While Trump Slashes Climate Science Funding

America’s nearing a record number of weather disasters, and it’s not even hurricane season yet.

Climate Change-Poverty-Migration: The New, Inhuman ‘Bermuda Triangle’

Human faeces is shit for the environment – The Ecologist

Drug-resistant ‘superbug gonorrhea’ is emerging, WHO warns – Health

Climate Change Could Even Make The Driest Region In Africa Wet:

Why the Next Recession will be a Doozie for Consumers

Amazon (AMZN) Prime is conquering American households – Quartz

Matthew Taylor report urges more rights for workers in gig economy revamp

Americans Who Can’t Afford Their Homes Up 146 Percent – NBC

Canadians Brace For A “Perfect Storm” Brewing In Housing Market

A Multibillion-Dollar Crack In One Of The World’s Largest LNG Projects

Hackers targeting US nuclear power plants – CNET

War and Violence Drive 80% Of People Fleeing To Europe By Sea

The US Has Been at War for Over 220 in 241 Years – 20 years peace

After 1,379 Days, NYT Corrects Bogus Claim  Iran ‘Sponsored’ 9/11 – FAIR

MSM, Still Living in Propaganda-ville – Consortium News

Rachel Maddow’s Exclusive “Scoop” About a Fake NSA Document Raises Several Key Questions – Glenn Greenwald, Intercept

Rachel Maddow Caught In Latest Fake News Scandal; Proof Her “Forged NSA Document” Segment Was A Hoax – ratings and Rachel Madcow disease

Indigenous Journalist Faces Trial For Flying Drone To Document DAPL


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