False Flag Green Virtue Signals

The Economist: “Get Ready For A World Currency By 2018” – Rothschilds, I knew it, there goes my white trash neighborhood.

America Is Struggling With Economic Rot – BBG

Mayor of disappearing island: “We just need the help to come now” – NYeT

‘Chasing Coral’ on Netflix Goes Underwater to Highlight Climate Change

Climate change threatens centuries’ old Indigenous cultures and traditions – The Ecologist

Two Canadian provinces have already hit Canada’s 2030 climate change target

Google Home Breaks Up Domestic Dispute By Calling the Police – Gizmodo – that’s why I use a smart dildo

City birds use cigarette butts to ward off ticks – CBC

Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of greenhouse gases since 1988 – Like as if we just shut down 100 companies, earth will be saved.

Has the Environmental Movement Failed? A Conversation with Dr. David Suzuki – Guessing he’ll say no, then add a warning. Yawn.

40% Of Americans Think Global Warming Will Make Humans Go Extinct

LA plant explosion sparks widespread power outages – I think the explosion is likely heat caused

Argentinian President Institutes Vegan Mondays – Sorry, I can’t help myself but, where’s the beef?

While Corals Die Along The Great Barrier Reef, Humans Struggle To Adjust

The World Is on the Brink of an Electric Car Revolution – more fuckin bullshit from sciencey Climate Central

At Tesla, Workers Team Up With Robot Superheroes – WSJ – Robots Save Earth!!! These robots are huge! These robots are named after superheroes so that the remaining workers won’t be so afraid of them.

Google is funding a new software project that will automate writing local news – Recode – Soon you’ll get your fake new served cold, but will A.I. humor be worse than mine?

The death of big-box stores is speeding up suburbia’s slide into poverty – BI

Republicans in several states are lowering the minimum wage – and the meek shall disinherit the earth

Minimum Wage Wars: The Media Celebrate Job Loss – at least robot made memes will be less cold

In one year, drug overdoses killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War did – Vox – because if robot media jokes don’t kill you, big pharma will

CAUTION: False Flag Green Virtue Signal Shock

Even a broken clock is right twice a day – I usually hate this loud mouthed little prick who’s narrating the DiCaprio video below. But, I think Naomi Klein flew to LA lately to speak to a few dozen people. I have political fantasies too, and I can tell you all about them from my chair. Funding celebrity climate slacktivists makes me feel all fuzzy wussy and warm.

Five Questions For The Rise Of The Robots – because, why not?






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