Tedx Video Review: Can Our Cities Escape Climate Change?

This video is excellent because it scares the shit out of a bunch of white people.

The video takes place in Belgium, which is basically the capital of Europe. The speaker states at 12:59 that the transportation sector is 13% of emissions. Yet emissions from the 6 largest supertankers are more than all the cars in the world. That’s why shipping and air flights are still excluded from the Paris climate deal? Duplicity abounds.

So, let’s be generous, and say cars are 10% of emissions. If we are trying to convert all our car emissions into solar/wind power, we will likely double electricity demand to solve 10% of emissions. Yet, world electricity demand is only 20% of total world energy demand. If all our buildings and cars ran on solar/wind power, we will only reduce fossil fuel use up to 25%-30% at best because we will also have to increase emissions to accomplish this monumental task, and it will take at least 50 years to do because we don’t have the infrastructure.

Since it takes 10X the solar/wind power to shut down 1 fossil plant, and electric cars may double that demand, we would need like 20X the fossil-electric energy we use now for 100% renewable homes and automobiles. But let’s not forget that energy demand will soon double because many of those homes aren’t built yet, and the world economy runs on trade, which means increased shipping emissions.

Buildings are 50% of emissions, yet 75% of the infrastructure 2 billion more people require is not yet built, and in 15 years, water demand will exceed supply by 40%. If you haven’t noticed the crazy weather, I’ll stick in a crazy weather video just below, here.

I have a hard time keeping all the energy demand dynamics straight because I’m just a human, and not a smart computer.

Just to add to all the fun, we are going to shut down dozens of old nuclear plants which for all their faults, currently provide near zero emissions. People in France get 80% of their electricity from nuclear power. They are going to shut all those plants down, buy millions of electric cars, and run it all on rewable power. Good luck with that. Don’t forget that rich Europe gets currently 60% of its “renewable” electricity by burning trees shipped in from around the world.

We are going to increase electrical demand, close our nuclear stations, grow trade and have everything run by computers and robots that will take our jobs. That’s our plan to fight climate change. Yet, China and India are going full steam ahead on nuclear power. It’s so fucking insane, I don’t know where to begin.

At 13:06 in the video, the speaker says that just cows are 18% of total emissions, and all livestock are 95% of human caused methane emissions, but he doesn’t mention that globalization is increasing the size of the middle class in developing countries where they love meat. I know it’s hard for you to accept this because you live in a undeveloping rich country, and not a poor developing country. They say we can feed the world if we stop eating meat and wasting food, yet 20 million people are going hungry right now. Do you see that changing?

So, while poor countries get richer, and rich countries get poorer, we are going to turn over 50% of our jobs to robots and smart computers. The U.S. is not even in the top 5 countries that deploy robots because there are so few manufacturing jobs left. The only jobs left are skilled service jobs and smart computers are coming for those. The educated class refuses to accept this. It will not be good. I know I can’t afford a robot built $40,000 electric car that comes with a $20,000 maintenance bill, unless I have a job. My car door closes with a satisfying rattle.

You do not need to be a social science wizard to see all this leading to collapse. But don’t worry, the Rothschilds, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google got you covered, with a social justice meme called carbon taxes. Those carbon taxes are meant for them, not you. After the debt/pension collapse, and robots take your job, you will be forced into energy poverty by carbon taxes the few remaining rich will collect for themselves. By the time your educated mind understands this, it will be too late, and the real energy, water and food poverty will be here.

The Greatest Generation spent their lives hungry, in poverty and fighting a war.

Educated baby boomers spent their lives in schools and on the couch eating, while watching rich people on TV.

Millennials spent their lives in schools and on the couch eating GM food, while watching themselves on video screens.

We are going full circle. We are absolutely unprepared. Enjoy.




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