The Collapse Goof

7:30 pm – I got the sewer job done good.
Today’s correction edits for this post now completed.

Corrected most of yesterday’s last post. Since I lack impulse control and don’t want to start fixing the sewage pipe for a bit, I’ll just say that we can’t allow the rich to spend trillions every decade killing people for oil, while saying solar panels/turbines and electric cars are gonna save us. Now Walmarts are closing and robots are even taking smart people’s jobs, while they remain in denial.

We are entering a planetary heat state jump to a new heat equilibrium. Entering a new heat equilibrium sounds nice, but it means storms, floods and hot droughts. The Chinese built giant cities next to extreme weather and flooding zones. The rich believe they can fight terror and survive in bunkers guarded by A.I. security. Yet, we hide in ideological child-like dreams.

We can’t close all the nuclear plants, sell millions of robot-built electric cars, and run it all on solar/wind power. Nuclear waste is a liability you can’t wish away. James Hansen knows what to do with nuclear waste, but we won’t let him. We are right now in a life or death situation, and I don’t mean gays and pro-lifers are going to stop fighting to kiss and make up. Only money will unite ideologues. James Hansen has a plan for this too, called carbon dividends. But political economists won’t let him. James begged Greenpeace and the Sierra club to stop opposition to nuclear power, they said “go fuck yourself James that’s are our funding base”.

This gay/pro-lifer conflict cannot be won, and is a distraction which allows the police state to operate. Christians are dying from synthetic opioids and are too ideological to stop because they can’t stand it that gays want to free drugs. Meanwhile we’re too small minded to stop the world war on drugs and war of terror. So both the far right and far left have stopped James Hansen, who only wants to save us. Then we have the nerve to say he’s a Great Climate Scientist. This hypocrisy floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. We are too proud and stupid to get down to the business of survival.

The FAAGs* and banksters have accelerated their plunder with private data ownership and automated manufacturing and services. Robot and A.I. manufacturing will become exponential, further accelerating wealth plunder until only poverty prevails. The technocratic jobs o the future will be elitist and few. This means more poverty for more people, and no free healthcare. We can’t just fight for equality for sex and race while allowing hellfire missiles to kill women and children. We have to hold federal open source blockchain elections and throw congress and the M.I.C. out on their asses. This means Trump and Clinton. We can’t dream about renewable energy while they’re in Washington.

Deep state police state killing has to stop first. The only way to do this is to write and read about it on social networks. I know reddit is the CNN of social media, but I’m a social retard anyhow.

FAAGs: Facebook Amazon Apple Google


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