Collapse Daily Loki Links

Mad Max Bikers Attack Sugar Truck In Hungry Venezuela 

Nuclear Weapons Site Alarms Shut Off, Scientists Inhale Uranium – Scientific American

Climate Change to Deplete Some US Water Basins, Reduce Irrigated Crop Yields

87% of Americans Unaware There’s Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

A 1 trillion-ton iceberg has broken off Antarctica

Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters at Near-Record Pace So Far in 2017

California Fires Early, Unpredictable After Winter Rain

‘The Models Are Too Conservative’: A Paleontologist on Climate Change Today

20 Banks funding pipeline bigger than Keystone XL

The Impacts of Climate Change On the Ocean

Arctic: Warm Winter Events More Frequent, Longer

Warmer Arctic: Weaker Vegetation Growth

Deforestation soars in Colombia after Farc rebels’ demobilization

Interactive Map Shows Warming’s Fingerprints on Weather

EPA to Withdraw Water Protections for Pebble Mine

Effects of climate change on snowpack and fire potential in the western USA

Mother Nature’s Pollen Punch

Thailand’s exotic cats becoming hard to find

Without funding, Canadian climate science is in peril

Baltimore: “Nobody Kill Anybody” Ceasefire For August

California Democrats plunge into ‘civil war’ Politico

The Fall of Working-Class New York

Toilet Paper Roll Size in U.S. ‘Steadily Shrinking’ – single ply microdot sandpaper



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