The Long Robot Arm of the Law, Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs)

A.I. systems do way more than just facial recognition, they can do full body map recognition from the sky above. They can look down from any camera higher than you and map your likely sex, body type, walking gait and color. They can look down at thousands of people and figure out who’s behavior is the desired target. And autonomously kill those who’s behavior fits their profile of desired targets.

Military A.I. systems now copy and dissect themselves to hide their bits on billions of computer devices. Then when threatened, it can send out a signal to all those bits in order to reassemble itself and resume its mission.

If you do not see A.I. as a threat, you are blind or work for a tech company. There’s a famous saying in the climate community that you can’t understand how bad something is when you’re paid to do it.

When the NAFTA trade agreement was being debated, we were warned that America would hear a huge sucking sound as Mexico vacuumed away all America’s jobs. Most of those jobs ended up in China.

A.I. is not a robot, it’s software, and China makes nearly all of our hardware. A.I. power will migrate to China for the same reason GM and GE did, there’s one billion customers there. A.I. needs customers to achieve cognitive economies of scales. The more data (customers) A.I. has, the better it works. Can you hear your Rhomba robo-vac now? Last year I saw ads for robot lawnmowers.

When you get your air flight ticket or McDonalds order from a touch screen kiosk, there’s more going on behind the screen than you can see. It’s A.I. taking away skilled professional service jobs. Robots can perform brain surgery faster and more precisely than humans. But the real threat to skilled jobs is the A.I. you can’t see, the one that hides behind the touch screen.

There’s now supersonic A.I. jets that land themselves on air-craft carriers out to sea. The bottom of that jet is covered in video lights that display an exact copy of the sky above the jet, so when you look up into the sky, you can’t even see it. The autonomous kill ability is already on board those jets, just waiting for the word from some bomb bucking general.

A.I. systems are taking our jobs and hyper-accumulating wealth faster than ever before. A.I. will take all our low- to high-end jobs leaving a huge vacuum where the middle- and educated-classes used to be. Most of the jobs you are training for will be gone, and the new jobs to come will be fewer and fewer. A.I. is making the rich get rich faster. It’s like crack to the investment class.

The danger is that A.I. manufacturing and service job acquisition will go exponential. The more customers A.I. software has, the better it can do your job. Even the sacred cow of military jobs are threatened. It takes just one human pilot to fly a squad of fighter jets. The pilot becomes a symphony director of death from above.

This means that the super elites will no longer be separated from us by class layers because all those middle class layers will be replaced with A.I. software and hardware. I remember back in the early 70s my father was quoting from a set of books called, The Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East. He quoted a prediction that the Americans would invent something that would transform the mind of humanity, but I don’t remember it telling us exactly what we would be transformed into.

Few will survive


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