Hands To The Sun

There’s 2 things I don’t trust, scientists and media. Mix, shake well, out pours pure poison.

Notice I said scientists, not science.

The New York Magazine did a fear piece on climate recently. It was roundly debunked by world leading climate scientists. Which is great because it opens debate. But, scientists fear 2 things, dramatic conclusions and lack of funding, which leads to an ingrained conservative reticence, and a whole lot of butt kissing.

Even Paul Beckwith, my fav doomer, says that ultra-doomers like Guy McPherson are sensationalist – which I agree – but then turns around and says we are in a climate emergency so bad, we have to geo-engineer the Arctic, which I disagree. He wants fame and fortune to save the world as he sees fit, and is sad his media antics fail him. Money and egos drive science, money is power, and ego corrupts. Just ask Dr. Strangeglove.

Scientists love their climate models, which have been proven time and again to be wrong, overly conservative and highly misunderestimatey. Journalists, well let’s just say they ain’t right in the head. Journalists always modify the narrative to fit their ideology, and are not afraid to look stupid doing it. But climate scientists are more subtle, they are deathly afraid of looking stupid, and have been known to modify narratives to suit funder ideology. In one rebuttal, a scientist said the thought of endless war is silly. At least he’s focussed. America’s been at peace for one generation out of ten.

While it seems, obvious the New York Magazine article imbibed in too much poetic licence, I’m not so sure the rebuttals of scientists were all that accurate either, but with me being an ignorami savant (expert know nothing), I have no way of being sure. But I sense the invisible hand of Dr. Strangeglove.  It’s too highly choreographed and directed to appear spontaneous. After all, it takes ten scientists forever to screw in a light bulb, but who wants to watch anyway?
Here’s the link, judge for yourself.

Scientists explain what New York Magazine article on “The Uninhabitable Earth” gets wrong

Collapse Daily Links

Higher seas to flood dozens of US cities

These Images Show Just How Big the Larsen C Iceberg Is – a trillion ton snowball

Arctic winter warming events becoming more frequent, longer-lasting

Too Much Heat, Too Little Wind Hurts South Australia Wind Farms – The only reason I caught wind of this story is because of some “warming deniers” on YouTube. Erratic jet streams and wind farms don’t mix, they catch big gas plants unprepared and result in increased small gas generator sales. You can end up with no wind, hot rolling blackouts and more gas-fired generators, both big and small.

Wind only operates at 30% of its rated power capacity 90% of the time. Heat is bad for solar panels, your ultimate fairweather friend. Because of intermittency, you need ten times the amount of rated solar/wind power sources to shutter one natural gas plant. Our plan is to sell millions of electric cars heading into this predicament. Our media induced notions of the future are isolated images of reality and unreal fantasies of magical thinking. There’s a growing red-state type of wind turbine rebellion in South Australia.

Warming may negatively impact European wine industry – No-o-o-o-o!!!

$59 billion dollar electric company’s negligence contaminates drinking water with coal ash, wants tax payers to fork up $200 million for clean up.

Healthy soil is the real key to feeding the world

Unwinding QE will be “More Disruptive than People Think”

I Wouldn’t Rule Out Another Financial Crisis – IMF

The New Abnormal in Monetary Policy – Nouriel Roubini, fav doomer

Rooftop Solar Is No Match for Crony Capitalism – Bloomberg

‘A general atmosphere of ambient dread’: Text journalists fear (and resent) The Great Pivot to Video – Digiday

The unhappiness of the US working class  – IZA World of Labor







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