The New York Magazine Is On The Uninhabitable Earth

Paul Beckwith Slays Hope Meme Dragon

Climate Scientist Sides Paul Beckwith With New York Magazine, Stands Against Peers – YouTube – I admire his determined courage, scientists are worse than teens when it comes to peer pressure.

Doomsday narratives about climate change don’t work. But here’s what does – Guardian – Britain’s version of fake liberal news comes out against the New York Magazine article to say only hope is not fake news. They say doom = inaction. This is soft censorship of doom by saying, Hopelessness = Inaction. I pity the poor fuckers for thinking that way because accepting the hopelessness of our predicament rationalizes and economizes my future behavior. We already suffer too much inaction from the Hopey Changey Thing, and it’s evil twin, the Deniey Thing. The only people who fight change think they’re rich, as in Me and Mine and fuck the world.

200 Environmentalists Were Murdered Last Year

5 Things to Know about the Trillion-Ton Iceberg – Scientific American

20 Greenhouse Gases And Their Influence On Climate Up 40% In 26 Years

Brazil’s New Law Gives Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest To Rich Thieves

Arctic Heat More Common and Persistent

Interactive map shows the cities with the least healthy air

Asia faces disaster from soaring temperatures if climate change unchecked

The permafrost is dying

Toxic Mercury Is Accumulating in Arctic Tundra

71% of U.S. say climate change is already impacting access to clean drinking water

Tepco: Decision Already Been Made To Release Radioactive Tritium Into Sea

Italy’s Poor Almost Triple in a Decade Amid Economic Slumps

Amazon is getting too big and the government is talking about it – MarketWatch

Bernie Sanders again tops poll – Apoplexic Dems Go Full Retard – Bernie Balls Bigger Than Dem Ovaries

Congress Greases Flightpath for the F-35 Boondoggle – War Whores

Open carry law for knives and swords to begin in September – ABC, what could go wrong?

Wealthy investment bank executive is caught stealing $210 of groceries from Whole Foods that he hid in his children’s stroller – Daily Mail, the pathos of ideological bathos

A Maine nonprofit paid its disabled workers less than minimum wage, while its executives got six figures – Bangor Daily News, Poverty Pimps

Home care workers have our lives in their hands. They’re paid only $10 an hour – Guardian, who else is gonna wipe my ass at night?

Dem. NC Governor Signs Anti-Farmworker Union Bill, Opening Door to More Attacks – Payday Report, sanctuary crops

Don Quixote

I could only stand a few seconds of this video at a time, but it looks funny as fuck.

I’m mystified by music. I’m tone deaf, got no rhythm, and I’m all thumbs. Below is my fav vid now. Living in occupied Canuckistan, I worship beavers and guitars, so while I can’t actually play the guitar, I don’t let that stop me.


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