Green Goblins

World’s Large Carnivores Being Pushed Off The Map

The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria – Escobar

We Do These Things Because They’re Easy – to the moon Alice, Jackie Gleason.

One Of Worst Droughts In Decades Devastates South Europe Crops

California bill would make the state 100 percent renewable by 2045 – 0% chance of success

World’s Last Remaining Tigers Live Under Severe Threat of Extinction

US House Backs Massive Increase In Defense Spending

Fukushima’s radioactive water to be released into ocean under new plan

A Mystery of Seabirds, Blown Off Course and Starving

US Deficits To Jump $248 Billion Over Next Two Years Due To Tax Shortfall

People Not Amused by EU Efforts to “De-Cash” their Lives

South Miami mandates solar panels on new homes – Holy Moses because solar panels will part the oceans around Miami.

We know about end of the world timelines, what about power building timelines? – TD;LR – I try to have a social movement once a day.

Mark Zuckerberg arrives in Sun Valley for showdown with Ivanka and Jared amid rumors the self-made billionaire is planning 2020 run against Trump – Suckerborgs for Zuckerberg

Man outwits Student Loans Company by staying poor forever – Daily Mash

Reasons for Corbyn – LRB

Why won’t Hong Kong embrace sharing economy? – SCMP

Top 1% of households in UK fully recovered from financial crisis – Guardian

The Class Renegade – NYRB

Young men are working a lot less. It’s not just because of video games Quartz

Some doctors were handing out opioids like candy. The Justice Department just shut them down. – Vox

Now is the summer of our discontent: memes, national identity and the globalisation of rage The Conversation

Saturday Matineé

The Black Hole of Green Energy

Do you know what IOT, smartphones, robots, solar/wind power needs to survive? They need poor black men to go down into a hole to pound rock by hand. Solar panels? Anything controlled by a computer is included. Half the world’s cobalt, which is needed for our electric car fantasies, comes from a poor black man pounding rock in a deep dark hole. A hole unlike the green energy bullshit fantasies that come out of people’s pie holes.

Do You Know How Unreal Your Food Is?

Climate Porn


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  1. Henry says:

    Many Thanks for your work Robert,it is well appreciated, and has been for a long time by myself and my wife..if there is any way to contribute to your works please let me know


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