The Tesla Ecosystem, The Golden Chainsaw Award And Naomi Klein Gets A Woody

The Tesla Ecosystem is the biggest pile of bullshit you will ever see. It’s climate change for rich people. There is nothing I hate worse than the co-opting of the word “ecosystem” by tech geeks and money nerds, the same educated class of rich people who are going to lose their jobs to A.I. software and robots. This video was produced from a 3D studio in Belgium, who get all aquiver in their creamed jeans over the very thought that Saint Musk may deign to bless them in person. Can you afford new solar shingles for your home, a new electric car and a new battery system? If you’re “woke” to climate change, maybe it’s time you grow up and get woke to reality.

High seas in high danger as ecological tipping point nears

Asia facing dire future toll from climate change

A mysterious underwater forest warns of Earth’s rapidly changing climate

Soy King, winner of the Golden Chainsaw award, holds power over the Amazon – don’t forget, China’s pigs eat half the soy in South America, and Europe burns soy oil in their diesel cars.

Extremely RARE: Biggest snowfall in the Chilean capital in 46 years leaves 1 dead

Military knew of fire fighting foam dangers in 2001 – Poison kills fire and humans

The Credit Bubble Only Seems To Blow Larger And Larger

Underground Arks All The Rage

Worried about the planet? Avoid that extra kid – Treehugger – Fuck the planet! I wannababe-e-e-e!

How Dams Deprive the World’s Rivers of Sediment – The Wire

Britain spends billions on flawed fighter jets – The Times – The flying tower of Babel

Is Hollywood too close to the military? – Is my cock too far up your ass?

Climate Change Is Creating an Entirely New Kind of Refugee  – Motherboard


The secret history of the banking crisis – Prospect

The Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese

Naomi Klein thinks youth not woke enough to suit her political fantasies. – Klein’s German fetish knows no bounds. When people fly around the world to tell you to we have to cut emissions, they’re full of shit. She saw a worker uprising in the early 90s in Argentina, and thinks she can scale up that “hot” event across the whole planet. Egotism will not save earth. When she got preggers, she wrote a book called, This Changes Everything. The fuckin’ nerve. She makes ashamed to be Canadian.

Do you seriously think she didn’t fly to this Harvard conference?






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