The Collapse Super Hero

Watching a Paul Beckwith video is slightly less painful than a root canal. But, I can’t help myself. It’s like watching Thelma and Louise drive off the cliff over and over again. He’s saying exactly what I said for a few years now. But, as usual, Imma gonna kick it down a notch.

The more a scientist is published, the more he’s corrupted by publishing, which yields more funding and prestige. The more funding climate science has, the more a scientist’s opinion is worth. Do not confuse a scientist’s opinion with scientific opinion. Science is peer reviewed opinion. When you become a science celebrity, you become less scientist, and more of a funding campaign media personality. You get dragged out to a lot of elitist parties. All the booze, drugs, sex and palsy walsy with the gilded crowd can make you woozey poozey.

There is a lot of corruption in the education system. Pedophilia and fraud are rampant. I mean you can get a Phd in The Simpsons for fuck sakes. Just ask professor Lori Landrahan, who spoke out against nationwide university pedophilia, which, I believe, resulted in someone kidnapping her child.

What I like about what Paul says is that anything you say can be fact checked, you can’t bafflegab and bamboozle people as easily anymore, and it’s a new world because of it. There’s a video on YouTube about the ancient red haired seafarers who populated Peru and New Zealand in prehistoric times, and how that information was suppressed by the academic elites. A scientist’s opinion is elitist. Scientific opinion is different than a scientist’s opinion.

Scientific opinion is nothing much more than a spectrum of verifiable projections of data. Look what scientists have given us. We eat plastic in our fish now. It was Dow chemical that gave us that, and they funded the science to get it. Look Monsanto, we eat poisonous soul destroying food because we don’t know how to feed ourselves. I don’t agree with Paul on Arctic geo-engineering, but I respect him for it.

Look at James Hansen, academic political economists killed his carbon dividend plan that would unite the red and blue mind sets. The left also suppressed this. When James Hansen and several biologists begged the Greenpeace/Sierra crowd to stand down on their opposition to nuclear power, he was told to fuck off and die.

It’s no secret that university campuses are nothing more than corporate socio-politico institutions corrupted, so bad that even free speech is threatened. Elites don’t give a fuck about corruption on the dark net, all they give a fuck about is private communications. We have lost our privacy and our freedom of speech in our schools. Our schools are controlled by both left and right ideologies masquerading as science. Like politics, scientific power corrupts absolutely.



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