Robots Are Taking Jobs Now!

Robots are displacing highly skilled technical workers in the smart phone industry in China. Paying workers there shit wages is not enough, China says, because American automated manufacturing may threaten China’s manufacturing dominance. A.I. robots are faster, better and smarter than humans who make nothing. This is because A.I. manufacturing can reach economies of scale and go exponential.

In 20 years, 40% of ALL jobs risk being replaced by technology.

The lates in health home care robots available now – Can’t remember if you took your heart meds?, let Med Buddy help take care of you.  Med Buddy will call 911 for you, whether you want her to or not. Good luck with that.

Robots will transform society as much as the invention of electricity.

Meet a navigational wonder, a badminton playing robot.

China’s Got Talent – Watch robots dance and play music in Chinese robot talent shows.

Academic elites like to poo-pooh the robotic apocalypse by telling us robots are our friends. Watch as the ivory tower dinosaurs from Harvard tell us A.I. is overhyped.




One thought on “Robots Are Taking Jobs Now!

  1. I don’t this has been well thought through. What’s new, eh? I mean, who will buy everything these machines do or make in future, if everyone is out of a paycheck?


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