The Ivory Towers of Collapse

On the sperg spectrum I fall somewhere near the bottom between eccentric millionaire to crazy homeless guy. As a crazy guy, I feel it my right to objectify the collapse of earth, and our inability to reconcile our fearful greed and lust for life.

America has collapsed, we just won’t acknowledge it yet. We give huge contracts to human traffickers to fund the killing of foreign civilians. Chrysler doesn’t even build cars here anymore. At the same time, Musk tells America that a hundred square miles of solar panels, and a mega-giant one square mile battery, will power America. When elitist intellectuals cry alone in the woods, and no one hears them, did they really make a sound? Do I hear the intellectual sound of one hand clapping? This is the perversion of science and academia I deplore. We sell AI toys to our kids run by pervs. Our intellectual leaders are necons or ineffectual idiots. I blame this predicament on intellectual property rights, and proprietary data, but that’s just me.

We ain’t saving nothing until the killing stops. When climate scientists tell you not to panic, it’s time to panic. Corporations own our media, democracy and academia. The Pentagon is losing $1 trillion dollars per decade. We can’t call ourselves intellectually progressive if we aren’t fighting the war on war first and foremost. Stop the war, save the planet. In that order. The sexual liberty of humanity can wait until the killing stops. Universal healthcare and basic guaranteed income can wait until the killing stops. We deserve neither until the killing stops.

Stop the killing first. We can’t be silent while we pay taxes to kill woman and children and call ourselves progressives. Let peace rain down with the trickle up economics of universal carbon dividends after the financial collapse. Spread free birth control and abortions all over earth. Save this fuckin planet from us. While what I say doesn’t do one lick of good, it does make me feel better.


One thought on “The Ivory Towers of Collapse

  1. Henry says:

    Yes.. we live in a war economy first and foremost ,industrial civilization is a war machine, all our problems stem from this,few realize this or even connect the dots.
    I agree.. stop the killing first,but like you say these are only words and unfortunately cold comfort in the bigger grim picture we face of a world gone mad.
    There is no solution and there is no escape, but i am going to give it a bloody good try.
    I am moving my wife and 2 kids to a remote fishing shack in a remote community near the southernmost east tip of Australia.. our bags are packed and leave in a week.
    Thanks for your work Robert


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