Collapse Media Spectral Analysis

Good morning, I was up at 3 as lightening and thunder were scaring the crap out of Loki. Thanks to an early start, I added a little extra narrative link bias for your perusal because what’s collapse without a colorful narrative.

Stephen Hawking: We Are Close to the Tipping Point Where Global Warming Becomes Irreversible

Only 7 Percent Of Great Barrier Reef Intact

Climate change brings one-in-three chance of record rainfall

Eight Tropical Cyclones formed at Once for the First Time Since 1974

Climate change and national security in America – YouTube

Poacher poisoned over 100 elephants using cyanide

Climate change isn’t real and Al Gore is a scam artist – Opinion piece in one of Australia’s most read newspapers

IPCC assessment flaws in less than 3 minutes – YouTube

Heat Wave Engulfs China

Plastics leave permanent indestructible legacy

Journalism Is Dying And Content Marketing Is Taking Its Place

Blockchain Is Freaking Governments Out

Strip Mining the World – Robert Gore

European Banks Struggle To Solve Toxic Shipping Debt Problem

The End Game: Fake News Fake Money – Greyerz

China warns India not to ‘push its luck’ amid border stand-off in Himalayas

Collapse of ‘safe-haven asset’ bubble looms – Nikke

The Millennials are the American Earthquake – Corey Robin

Next Leap for Robots: Picking Out and Boxing Your Online Order – WSJ – Do you remember way back, like yesterday, when I thought order pickers were safe? They say order picker robots are 50% faster than human workers. If not now, when, tomorrow?

Trump pulls plug on CIA’s Syrian “revolution” – WSWS (MT). “Preparations for a wider war.”

So Crazy It Sounds True Department

What if the third tower (that did NOT get hit by a plane) that collapsed on 9/11 was SUPPOSED to get hit by the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania

So Crazy It Can’t Be True Department

‘Clean cars’ will save us from climate change deniers – Al Jazeera, Qatar’s propaganda

Branding Canadian oil green would be good for industry – CBC, Canada’s propaganda

Al Gore’s New Film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power – Green Energy propaganda


Heavy Rains, Hail, Strong Wind And Flash Flooding Happening Now in Parts of in America – YouTube 11:15



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