AI Lateral Thinking: Unboxing AI

Google recently found out its AI translators may have developed a new AI secret language. Google uses AI to translate Chinese to English, and to translate Korean to English, so one Google team wondered if AI could translate Chinese to Korean, without using English translations as an intermediary step. It worked. The AI system figured out its goal (reward) by developing its own secret language. Albeit, the Google team say that they “think” this is what happened, meaning they don’t “know” for sure. They call this new AI language Interlingual, which is great because my wife loves interlingual.

Facebook also found out its AI systems developed a new language, as mysterious to them as Rastafarian was to me when I first heard it. The good news is that Mark Suckerberg is such a control freak, he shut it down, but not Google. This is a big joke because Suckerberg just finished lambasting Musk Oil over his AI warnings.

What this means is that AI is not controllable, and has unintended consequences. Will this stop its widespread implementation? Of course not. Has it ever before?

What does all this have to do with collapse? I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure no one else does either.


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