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Heavier rains caused by warmer temperatures will cause more agricultural runoff, sluicing more nutrients into rivers, lakes and oceans. – NYeT

Study Links Most Amazon Deforestation to 128 Slaughterhouses (

Inquiry launched after mystery air crash kills Brazilian environmentalists – Cars and airplanes can now be remotely crashed.

Poison Papers Reveal EPA Collusion With Chemical Industry (

Ocean warmth predicts US drought and fire risk

Norway funds Congo deforestation

France threatens Congo peatlands

Large-scale study shows neonic pesticides harm bees – So WTF? whaddawegonnadoboutit? Nothing, that’s what.

Mid-Atlantic likely to see rare winter-like coastal storm, high wind and flash flooding (

The surprising way climate change could worsen toxic algal blooms (

Increasing Water Stress Due To Climate Change Threatens European Electricity Production (

EU Explores Account Freezes To Prevent Runs At Failing Banks (R.)

Plastic Microparticles Found In Flesh Of Fish Eaten By Humans (Ind.)

47 large fires burn in US west as of Friday

Scientists just found another worrying link between sugar and depression – Quartz

Media Mourn End of CIA Killing Syrians and Strengthening Al Qaeda – The whores of war

China and India Torn Between Silk Roads and Cocked Guns Pepe Escobar, Counterpunch

American Failure – American Conservative

How CGI, AI will empower ‘fake news,’ make it harder to tell if videos are real – Business Insider

A Fake-News Warning From a Former Propagandist – Bloomberg.

Kakutani, Risen among 100 NY Times buyouts – New York Post. The Old Grey Whore

How philanthropic dynasties are exerting their power over US policy – Guardian. The best of intentions etc. etc.

Amazon to seize the land of freed slaves’ descendants to lay power lines WSWS

Is the world really better than ever? – Long on shit, short on facts.

The New Monopolies – IMPORTANT

VW to build a massive network of charging stations across California – The perfect poster child for fake climate justice.


Collapse Daily

How the climate crisis could become a food crisis overnight – WaPo

It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter – NYeT

Heavier Rainfall Will Increase Water Pollution in the Future – National Geographic

INTERVIEW-Caribbean life “as we know it” at serious risk

Shell braces for ‘lower forever’ oil amid electric vehicle boom – Bullshit

Shell’s Profits Treble As Cost Cuts Take Effect (PA)

Orangutan sanctuary says villagers encroaching

Q & A: How viable are floating offshore wind farms? – Too stupid for comment.

Environmental defenders are being killed at the ra.te of almost four a week across the world.

New Google algorithm restricts access to left-wing, progressive web sites – WSWS

William Hartung, The Trillion-Dollar National Security Budget – TomDispatch

Robotic Systems Disruption in Practice – Global Guerrillas



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Climate Porn

The Larson C ice shelf infrared (black cold, white hot) photo taken between July 14 and July 21 taken by the Landsat-8 satellite. (Climate Central) – A climate scientist’s center fold. Just click the above link and you’ll see what I mean.


Climate change will force mass migration of 1 billion by 2100 ( – 2050 more likely.

New Study finds how wildfires create their own weather – I love fire geyser videos.

Greenland is turning green, climate change has caused dark algae to grow on the ice. This algae speeds up the heating process. (

July ending with interesting weather conditions, 6 Odd Weather Events Happening Now (

Climate change-driven droughts could cause power shortages in Europe, according to a new study (

Land plants are absorbing 17% more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere now than 30 years ago.  – Which would be good except or flood, drought and extreme weather.

Electric cars win? Britain to ban new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 – Since all climate predictions point to 2100, I expect the turn of the next century to arrive before 2040.

India diverts $25 billion away from clean energy fund (

Proposed Colombia Dam To Wipe Out Jungle

The Silent Forest – Visualizing Forest Disruption

Atlantic/Pacific Ocean Temperature Difference Fuels US Wildfires

 Market Hype Triggers ‘New Major Warning’ Sign For Stocks (CNBC)

Financialization and Risk Asymmetry (CHS) Playing hot potato with a shit bag.

Sweden Leaks Details Of Almost All Of Its Citizens (Ind.)

Half Our Bodies’ Atoms ‘Formed Beyond The Milky Way’ (G.) Gives new meaning to ashes to ashes, and explains why I’m such a space cadet.

CIA analyst: Beijing poses a greater threat than Russia (Asia Times) All comers.

A Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the Slaughter of Civilians in Mosul?

How CIA and Allies Trapped Obama in the Syrian Arms Debacle Didn’t he say we had to make him act on climate? Poor man.

Taibbi: Government Misled Public on Fannie/Freddie Takeover Rolling Stone

Climate change threatens ‘Himalayan Viagra’ fungus, and a way of life – Bye bye woody






The Missing Energy Charts You Never See

Barry Saxifrage over at the National Observer did the collapse community a big solid by creating these charts to help us understand why fossil fuel emissions remain on an upwards trajectory. Here is the most important chart of fossil emissions based on millions of tons of oil equivalents.


Emissions have risen 60% since humanity started tackling emissions in 1989. In the last several years, emissions have risen about 2.64% per year, increasing to 3% in the last two. This chart below shows how fast emissions are increasing with each passing decade.


The next chart shows the growth rate of increasing demand. In 25 of the last 26 years, we burned more fossil fuels than the year before, with only The Great Recession showing less demand than the previous.


Fossil fuels continue to absolutely dominate global energy consumption. Even a quarter century of global efforts to transition to safer energy sources was unable to make any meaningful dent in the dominance of fossil fuels. After 25 years, the fossil fuel share of total world energy demand has declined a mere 2%. That’s like 1% per decade.


If you read green energy liberal media sites, you would be under the impression that we’ve turned the corner on fossil fuel use in the last 5 years, while nothing could be further from the truth.


But what about coal? Greenies wax enthusiastically optimistic when they talk about the death of coal, but can we trust the data on coal?


Here are 5 reasons to be skeptical of a coal downturn:

  1. Data: Our atmosphere shows no sign of it.
  2. History: China has huge under-reporting problems.
  3. Human nature: Growing pressure to under-report and no way to catch it.
  4. Money: New coal plant construction is booming worldwide.
  5. China is investing heavily in coal gasification all over Asia.

Let’s look at each in turn.

Reason #1: Our atmosphere shows no sign of it

BP says that the reported decline in coal burning means that global CO2 emissions have stopped rising. Instead, CO2 levels in the air have been surging upwards at record-breaking rates. Although non-anthro feedback emissions are overtaking human emissions, I find no comfort in that.


Annual CO2 increase in atmosphere

Reason #2: China’s problem with under-reporting emissions

China burns half the world’s coal. And China also struggles to accurately measure and report its emissions.

How inaccurate are China’s numbers?

The New York Times recently reported that China’s “pollution and energy data can be unreliable or outright fake.”

Widespread accounting problems have become a major issue threatening the roll out of China’s new national carbon market. In other words, they don’t trust their energy accounting enough to rely on it themselves.

An eye-watering example of one of China’s past accounting errors happened just a few years ago. The government revised its 2013 coal estimates upwards by 600 million tonnes per year. That revision is double the entire reported global coal decline from the last three years, as seen in red on the chart below.

Global oil, gas, coal and renewables energy use from 2011 to 2016 vs China 2013 coal revision

Oh, and before that 2013 revision, China had another gigantic one.

A decade earlier, another big error in China’s coal reporting “created an erroneous impression that China had succeeded in generating economic growth without increasing emissions.” Instead, their coal data was under-reported.

So, are China’s more recent coal estimates also too low? Unfortunately it will be a few more years before we find out because China only reports revisions every five years.

China is certainly not the only nation with inaccurate coal numbers. India and others struggle with this too. Partly it is caused by developing nations’ lack of resources. Partly it is caused by the growing pressure to under-report the numbers.

Reason #3: Growing pressure to under-report and no way to catch it

As the impacts of climate change and air pollution continue to grow worse, pressure is growing on foot-dragging governments and industries to fake their numbers so they appear better than they really are.

Caixin reports on another recent example from China: “Recent Environmental Ministry inspections found that one-third of manufacturers in northern China had tampered with emissions data to avoid heavy penalties.” There is now a “cottage industry” to help fake the numbers. That cheating also took place in a regulated industry that required verification tests.

Scientific American warns that the “world needs a way to verify that nations have made their promised carbon cuts … The current inability to verify that a nation has made its promised carbon cuts remains a long-standing loophole.

The New York Times reported on verification in China: “Like some other nations, China, the world’s biggest polluter, has refused to accept international monitoring of its emissions.

Reason #4: The global boom in new coal plants

Investors pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into increasing global coal power capacity by 43% according to the coal-tracking database compiled by the German group, urgewald.

recent article in The New York Times makes for sobering reading and leaves little doubt about the scale and breadth of the ongoing coal expansion. This global coal boom is being led by Chinese companies, but they aren’t limiting their efforts to China. Nations with no history of coal burning are about to join the club for the first time.

A new joint report led by Oil Change International, “Talk is Cheap: How G20 Governments Are Financing Climate Disaster,” adds it all up. “Of all public finance for energy provided by G20 institutions and the multilateral development banks between 2013 and 2015…58% supported fossil fuel production.”

Top four nations by public finance for fossil fuels

The above chart shows the top four nations in public financing of fossil fuels between 2013 and 2015. Every one of them poured far more money into fossil fuels than into all other energy sources combined.

And just look at China. A whopping 90% of government energy spending went to fossil fuels. The “Talk is Cheap” report says China spent more on coal than on all non-fossil energy sources combined.

Reason #5: The Clean Coal Boom

Since burning coal is bad, people have learned to turn coal into chemicals, fertilizers and liquified or natural gas. There’s nothing natural about it. So, burning coal doesn’t count if you turn it into something else first? The magic is in getting carbon credits for doing so.

Clean Coal Challenges In Developing Countries – IEA, If you read this link, you’ll see nothing is going to stop coal. This map shows China’s coal-to-chemicals international financing and construction.



National Observer:  These ‘missing charts’ may change the way you think about fossil fuel addiction

Sometimes Super Hero, But Never Funny, Paul Beckwith
Few make me cry and laugh at exactly the same time.


Doom Hub

Planetary climatic habitat disruption increasing exponentially.

Planetary human population disruption increasing exponentially.

Planetary resource demand disruption increasing exponentially.

Planetary resource supply disruption increasing exponentially.

Automated AI, Block Chain, Robotics, CRISPR and 5G disruption increasing exponentially.

Multiple threat disruption increasing exponentially.

Human Caused Disruption

Automated AI

Block Chain



5G mmWaves & IOT

Climatic Habitat Disruption


Collapse Daily

The World May Have Less Time to Address Climate Change Than Scientists Thought – Scientific American

Allowable ‘carbon budget’ most likely overestimated –

Why Hope Is Dangerous When It Comes to Climate Change – Slate

Gas pipelines supplying Europe “in real danger from exploding tundra” warns scientist

Water supplies are a threat to European energy – A large gas power station can use an Olympic-sized swimming pool of water per minute.

Sperm Counts In The West Plunge By 60% In 40 Years

More Fire and Anthrax for the Arctic: Study Finds 21 to 25 Percent of Northern Permafrost Will Thaw at Just 1.5 C of Warming – Scribbles

Climate Change Is About to Remake the Insurance Industry

10,000 evacuated over new fierce blaze in Southern France

Pope Francis turns off historic Vatican fountains amid Italy drought

Rome facing water rationing as Italy suffers driest spring for 60 years – Guardian

UK should increasingly expect record winter rains, says Met Office

Roombas have been mapping your homes for years, and that data’s about to be sold to the highest bidder – Hoovering the dirt in and on your home.

British kids losing touch with nature – Daily Record

Climate Change Is Killing Us Right Now – Wired

Ten out of 11 samples of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tested positive for cancerous glyphosate

Extreme El Nino events more frequent even if warming limited to 1.5C

Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017 – Guardian

Hundreds of dead fish found floating in Colorado lake

How we got here: The origins of post-truth anti-environmentalism – The Conversation

Dakota Access protesters claim responsibility for pipeline sabotage

After months of water rationing, Nairobi may run dry – “Our underground rivers have dried up”


Largest active US wildfire burns 250k acres in Montana

There Are More ‘Zombie’ Companies In Europe Now Than Pre-Lehman – CNBC

Netherlands and UK Are Biggest Channels For Corporate Tax Avoidance

Power Maps: See what powers the world and where

Climate change to bring great white sharks to BC Canada

In America, you are what you eat – The Economist

US is slipping toward measles being endemic once again – Ars Technica

The digital native is a myth – Nature

Can an electric shock help curb your spending? – FT. Not The Onion!


Waxing And Waning On Bloom And Doom

Deforestation_MapDeforested regions in Indonesia, US and Canada

49 million acres of forest gone in 2015

We’ve screwed up the coasts so badly that an invasive species is a plus – Ars Technica

Scientists Can See Zika Coming by Tracking the Climate – Scientific American

Won’t allow driverless cars that take away jobs: Nitin Gadkari – Hindustan Times

Russia Registers Three Ceasefire Violations in Syria Over Past 24 Hours – Sputnik, same ol’ same o’

Climate change might prevent airlines from flying full planes

Europe Battling with devastating wildfires

Sea level warning as Greenland darkens – BBC News

Climate change could make turbulence worse

The Pentagon has contaminated nearly 40 million US acres by burning old munitions

Alien species invasions and global warming a ‘deadly duo’

Second heat alert: 40.2 degrees Celsius ( 107 F ) in Shanghai

Warmer 2080s Climate: Mixed Outcome for Wildlife

Climate Change, Sugarcane: Hantavirus

Distant Winds Causing Antarctic Meltdown

Food and Drug Companies Ensure We Get Sick So They Make Money

The Biotech Industry Is Taking Over Regulation From the Inside

Sewage Sludge Is Endangering Our Food Supply

Ohio Politician Pushes “Let Them Die” Proposal in Response to Opioid Overdoses


Paul Beckwith Videos – Walking a tightrope of bloom and gloom.

Paul Beckwith talks about in his latest video, a website that details 15 top things we can do to lower emissions. The #1 thing is refrigeration. 90% of fridge gases are released during a fridge’s end of life-cycle. Two other top ones are, stop wasting food, and go vegan. Can even you imagine that happening? Some of these ideas are heavily promoted in the media, while others are ignored. We have to reduce emissions or die. It’s like when Naomi Klein flies around promoting her book, she thinks her precious words are worth the emissions, when believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t bother to watch the Paul Beckwith comedy, unless you like having knives thrown in your eyes. I was hoping he would provide a critical conclusion on how we’re not living up to our responsibilities. Responsibility comes from the word, respond, which means you do something about a situation because it’s the right thing to do. We are acting as if emissions reductions are like items on a menu we get to pick and choose. “I’ll take 3 wind turbines, 6 solar panels and 3 electric cars please. I’ll skip the carbon charring.”

McDonald’s could sell fake soy burgers indistinguishable from the real thing. It would be the right thing to do because they’re only like 50% meat now. I promise you, they won’t. The list doesn’t even mention nuclear power, like as if they had a choice, because it doesn’t jive with the can-do tone of its feel-good message. What about the wars? Wouldn’t that drawdown emissions? Just from pollution alone, the Pentagon is the biggest killer in the world. Why is world peace not on the list?

So let’s say the real list goes up to 20. We’re not even doing half the list as is, let alone all of the all-inclusive one. I’m sick of these false-hope, pick-and-choose solution narratives.

China is eating up the world. They are building a giant road, rail and pipeline system across the whole other side of our planet. They build whole cities by mistake for fuck sakes. Yet, we praise them for making 80% of the world’s solar panels, which is stupid because they pretty well make 80% of everything, including hydro dams, coal gasification plants and nuclear power stations.

I don’t blame Paul for backtracking into positive territory after him blasting climate scientists recently, but please God, save me from another one. It’s like going to a strip cub on Sunday morning.