The Black And White Swirl, The Vortex Of Hate And Extremist Purity Tests

Self-righteous anger turns to hate.

Having a gender sexual preference is normal.

Having a racial sexual preference is normal.

Hating racial sexual preferences is not normal.

Hating one race over another is not normal.

I’m a Black Live’s Matter person.

I’m a White Lives Matter person.

You can’t force racism to stop. That’s what got us Trump.

You can’t force white people to love blacks.

You can’t force black people to love whites.

You can’t force people to love each other with purity tests.

You can’t force trickle down morality.

You can’t force acceptance with gender/race language prohibitions and abuse.

Calling Jews Nazis when they disagree with you makes the cure worse than the disease.

Why do we call white people Nazis and black people niggers? What’s the difference?

We are polarizing exactly when we need unification. This is not a coincidence.




Collapse Daily

A Global Fish War is Coming, Warns US Coast Guard (

Cities need more than air conditioning to get through future heat waves (

Thirty Years After the Montreal Protocol, Solving the Ozone Problem Remains Elusive (

The Fundamentalists Holding Us Back from a Climate Change Solution (Vice)

Climate change and habitat conversion to agriculture are working together to homogenize nature. Findings suggest that the loss of biodiversity may be happening faster than previously thought. (

The strange rise of coal in the Middle East (

Devastating floods kill hundreds, displaces millions across South Asia. (

Fukushima Scientists Warning People to Stop Eating Fish From the Pacific Ocean (

Baby Dolphin Dies After Beachgoers Pull It From Water For Selfies (

Samsung: get out of conflict palm oil! (

385 Million Ton Industrial Waste Dump Under Construction On Shores of Great Salt Lake (

Intro to Global Climate Change and Agriculture (PedallandPlough)

Quiet Epidemic of Suicide Claims France’s Farmers (NYT)

Is Your Sunscreen Poisoning the Ocean? ( A single drop of oxybenzone (sunscreen) in 4.3 million gallons of water rapidly bleaches coral and slows new growth. Up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen enter the world’s oceans each year.

Bernie Sanders vs. Reddit – A Front Page Fake News Hit Piece For $200 (Forbes)

Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots (Guardian) He needs those tax dollars for his aims.

The U.S. Spy Hub in the Heart of Australia (The Intercept)

Insider trading schemes using encrypted apps alarm FBI (FT) Automated theft.

Are your Google search results another kind of filter bubble? (Nieman Labs)

The Neocons Are Pushing the USA and the Rest of the World Towards a Dangerous Crisis (The Unz Review)


All you hear from the fake liberal news is Russia because war is good for business.

This Fake War Biz is the same fake liberal news that ignored Bernie and focussed on Trump in 2016.

Google, FB, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft suck up more money to fewer people faster than ever before.

This produces the Darth Vader Political Power Dynamic.

When NAFTA came out we sent our jobs to China and were told we’ll have a service economy.

Automated service AI and robot manufacturing are going to take 50% of remaining jobs. AI works best more data faster which means the AI job takeover will go exponential.

To exponentiate AI profits we have to poison the world with 5G microwaves and IOT transmitters as fast as possible because more data means better AI. In just a few years there will be 4X as many IOT transmitters as there are humans on earth.

This is why we are being pushed into self-driving cars. A profit snowball effect.

Self-driving cars can’t drive themselves in urban areas without 5G transmitters every couple blocks. 4G radiation is dangerous. 5G is killer.

Urban 5G microwave saturation will cook your brains just slightly slower than your microwave oven, which cooks around the 2.4 Gigahertz level.

We will have to increase mineral/energy throughputs just to fight climate change.

Robotization will increase mineral/energy throughputs exponentially.

We will not give up self driving cars and new iPhones every year to save ourselves because we’re too addicted to swiping pixels.

We gave up our jobs and planet for them. That’s how strong their hold is.


Look at Captain Dickhead warn us of mass extinction and then warn us climate change is unreal. You can’t beat this level of stupidity.

Speaking of stupid. Apple saved the music industry by hiding your music from you. Here are a couple of Fun anti-Apple vids.

Disaster Porn – This one’s a doozey.


Wireless Wake-Up Call

The speaker in this video learned about wireless dangers after living one floor up from a room full of electrical smart meters. Since he was an electrical engineer, he did some research on wireless health hazards. Wireless microwaves are saturating your kids for your convenience. We are all affected by wireless microwave saturation, whether we feel it or not. To see for yourself, Google, Bing or Go Duck Go: “EMF Research”. The World Health Organization said in 2011 that wireless tech is carcinogenic.

All this benign neglect is because of FCC corruption. The FCC safety data is extremely outdated. The fact that the FCC won’t even recommend public safety solutions is indicative of institutional collapse. The reason they’re doing this is because AVs won’t drive themselves without 5G. 5G is the wireless monkey on your AV’s back.

Solutions: 1) fiber optic internet 2) go back to wired for kids 3) turn off wifi at night and don’t buy a “smart” anything, especially a “toy” robot.

Remember, nobody is going to encourage you to do this, you can do this for the kids. Just tether tablets and laptops, likely next to the bed and sitting areas, and git ‘er done!

Click Here For Early Exit Route To A Collapse Safe Space

We don’t need robots. Giving your kid a robot is like hiring a room full of perverts to babysit them. This is insane. One “smart doll” product was banned in Germany for selling personal child data, including voice and video. YouTube is like a sof kiddy porn palace, like inside the Vatican, with all those naked winged kids painted everywhere. Don’t forget the Pentagon got 5,000 child porn pig pings back in 2005, that’s 1,000 per side, only a few heads rolled since then. This goes straight to the top, and just like cream, shit rises to the top. Especially in a place like the Star Chamber in the Pentagon, where they decide who lives and who dies.

Wireless IOT Butt Plugs – If you have to go to a boring meeting don’t bring a wireless IOT butt plug, freeze a cucumber or whatever.

Wireless 5G IOT, nano and micro wireless RFID trackers, etc etc. There will soon be 4X more IOT wireless devices than people on earth, and within 5 years! Cell phone towers will soon become obsolete and powerful 5G pods will supersaturate the air around us. When you see one of these little fuckers outside your window, you better run, don’t walk.

This is what they look like: See the little brown bucket pod on top of the telephone pole to the right, in the photo below,  trying to pretend it’s just part of the woodwork? They also look like white pizza boxes cut in half (photo below). The first photo below is from San Francisco, where you pay rent through the nose to poison mind and body. Some American Dream.




Google Image Results: 5G telephone pole


Collapse Daily

Tale of greed in the world of climate finances (

European Central Bank has bought more climate-trashing bonds (

Records Show EPA Slowed Glyphosate Review in Coordination With Monsanto(

 Large blaze burns in Greenland for two weeks (

Long wildfire season in British Columbia exhausting for firefighters, emergency personnel (Desdemona)

Court Lets Exxon Off Hook For Pipeline Spill In Arkansas Neighborhood (

Oregon plans another 2 wolf kills in Wallowa County after livestock attacked (

How future volcanic eruptions will impact Earth’s ozone layer (Science News)

Climate change and habitat conversion combine to homogenize nature  (Science News)

Climate Change Will Shift the World’s Cities (Climate Central) Interactive map.

Silicon Valley’s Techno-Capitalists Have a Low-Wage Worker Revolt on Their Hands (Truthout)

The Coming Clash Of Empires (Gavekal)

Teenage Drug Deaths Surge 20% (ZH)

Climate change a risk to survival of long-lived Norway spruce (Guardian)

Silicon Valley is selling an ancient dream of immortality (FT)

It’s become almost impossible to figure out what Tesla is actually worth (Business Insider)

In charts: The rise and rise of China’s tech trinity (FT)

How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army (Reveal News)

The neoliberal road to autocracy (Ann Pettifor)

Petition calling on White House to recognize Antifa as terrorists has 35k+ signatures (RT)

5G Technology: Potential Risks To Human Health – Excerpts From Scientific Conference In Jerusalem (YouTube)

5G IOT – Speeding Down The Road To Hell

James Clapper: In the future, intelligence services might use the [IoT] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials.………………………………


Collapse Daily

The Super Gangs Behind Africa’s Poaching Crisis (G.)

Mental bias leaves us unprepared for disaster – Financial Times.

Want To Fight Climate Change? Don’t Invest In Tesla (MW)

Tesla’s Priced-for-Perfection Bonds Fall Within Week of Sale – Bloomberg

Report shows how many total miles the AVs (Autonomous Vehicles) of various companies drove on public roads in California over the 12-month period without human intervention, and how many miles on average they could drive before human intervention occurred (the “disengagement”).

  1. Waymo: 635,867 miles driven, 5,127 miles/disengagement
  2. GM/Cruise: 9,668 miles driven, 34 miles/disengagement
  3. Nissan: 4,099 miles driven, 28 miles/disengagement
  4. Bosch: 983 miles driven, 0.6 miles/disengagement
  5. Mercedes: 673 miles driven, 2 miles/disengagement
  6. BMW: 638 miles driven, 638 miles/disengagement
  7. Ford: 590 miles driven, 196 miles/disengagement
  8. Tesla: 550 miles driven, 3 miles/disengagement

Brazilian downpours oust familiar drizzle (Climate News) The hard rain’s gonna fall.

Disaster and Neglect in LouisianaDisaster and Neglect in Louisiana

Radioactive Nuclear Waste Traveling Through Oceans Around Globe (Science Daily)

We’re Racing Towards Another Private Debt Crisis (Graeber)

Wells Fargo Troubles Shift From Phony Bank Accounts To Real Ones (R.)

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand (Paul Craig Roberts)

The Truth Will Not Be Googled (Connelly)

A mysterious kidney disease is striking down labourers across the world and climate change is making it worse. (

“Seasare rising now at a rate of about 3.3 milimeters per year. Faster than at any time in the last 2,800 years. It’s accelerating.” (

Rapid declines of seabirds in Alaska linked to disappearing prey (

Why Climate Change Isn’t Our Biggest Environmental Problem, and Why Technology Won’t Save Us (

Climate Justice Is Racial Justice Is Gender Justice by Bill McKibben ( by Bill McKibben, trying to cash in on the riots. Fucking idiot, like preaching to the choir always changes things.

Extreme weather events are costing India $9-10 billion annually – Monsoon’s gone crazy.

Deadly floods affect more than 16 million people in South Asia, victims crying for help (

More fire, more fury: Canada is ablaze amid record heatwave ThinkProgress (

Vermonters Are Reporting More Problems With Bears – Bare necessitites.

Trump Green Lights Arctic Drilling Project in Polar Bear Habitat – Ecowatch

Fukushima Plant Is Releasing 770,000 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the Pacific Ocean Truthout

Synthetic opioid crisis in US serves as warning for the world, says UN – Guardian

Standing at work linked to heart disease – Toronto Star

Google and ProPublica team up to build a national hate crime database – TechCrunch. This is really bad. Google must die.

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults 

Two Sides to Every Issue: the Tedium Twins Debate the Crucifixion, Slavery and Cannibalism – Alexander Cockburn, Counterpunch. Brutal.

Economic Update: Economics as Deception – Truthout. Interview with Michael Hudson.

Neoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world – Guardian








Good News Bad News

First the bad news, my banishment from the r/collapse sub-reddit is complete, although they graciously allow me to make posts only I can see. Too bad. Although politically correct, they did get me started down the collapse road. But, if you like your collapse politically incorrect, then you came to the right place.

The good news is that WordPress suddenly put me on their Business Plan, although I didn’t ask for it. This allows me to make accept donations, which I won’t do. I don’t know why they did this because I’m too cheap to even pay the ten dollars per year they want to get rid of the ads that do appear on this page. But, unlike most people, I don’t need money to be an ass.

The reason I write these posts every day is for what I call my “drip bit”, a.k.a. – the number of page hits. It’s like fit bit, but for lazy writers. Whenever my page count goes up, I get a hit of dopamine, which is my opioid. It’s gotten so bad, that now I have to write stuff every day just to feel normal. The fact that I’m an ecomaniacally, neurotically obsessed psychopath likely has little to do with it.

Although I can’t actually write very well, I don’t let that stop me. If you like writing, then write, if you really like writing, then learn how to write. Just like guitar, I’m too old to learn how to write, or play the guitar, yet I try to write and play every day.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, thanks for the page hits, although I fling poo at the glass wall every day in futility, I glad to see some of it stick, afterall, nobody likes to fling poo at an unappreciative audience.


The US Food Emergency

A summary of a video by Peter North, IPCC expert

Food production across the US, Europe and Australia has dropped 19.9% because of drought, double the global average. (University of British Columbia 2016) While levels have since rebounded, things will get worse again.

The US mid-west is projected to exceed 2° C warming by 2035, 20 years earlier than the global mean average. The US mid-west is project to exceed 3° C warming by 2065, 30 years earlier than the global average. (Jan 2017)

us food.JPG

Crop yields are highly sensitive to daytime temperatures of 30° C, or more, afterwhich yields drop off the charts. These temperature related yield drops do not account for droughts, pests and extreme weather effects, which will be plentiful. US crops will decrease 35-46% by 2100 under the slowest warming scenario.

us food 2

The above yield drops only take into account temperature, and not drought. When you combine drought with temperatures, then all hell breaks loose. As you can see from the reds in the map below, the US grows most of its crops just south-west of the great lakes. The brown colors on the maps below indicate soil moisture loss. You see it affects the whole continental United States. This is called very, very bad news. This means less rain combined with increased ground water depletion. The slight blue tinge on the east coast is the area with increased soil moisture.

us food 3

The drought map below compares both the length and duration of droughts (red is bad), and crop maps (red is good).

us food 4

Look at the red circles on the maps for 3° C which is coming down the pike too soon.

us food 5b

This map is a best case scenario. See the drought in Europe and Brazil (purple is evil) and the browns in the world crop map below. The green in India means crazy strong monsoons that wash away soils.

us food 5bc

Here’s a closeup of the US at 2.4°C. We are nearly half-way there, and there may be here sooner than you want.

us food 5bcd

The yellows in the Consecutive Dry Days are bad. Compare the yellows to the red crop map to the right. The yellows and reds line up. If you combine dry days and hot temperatures crops die. And this is only at 1.6° C.


Here are all the maps at 2-2.4° C warming, which hits the US crop maps 20 years earlier than everywhere else. You can see where the American flag lands on the year 2035 and a map of the whole world lands on the year 2045.


Combined emissions already equal 490 ppm., meaning we are already committed to 2.6° C warming no matter what. The US is committed to catastrophic yield drops because the daily temperature map, extreme heat and drought maps will combine to kick the shit out of the crop map. The above images are from a video made in February 2017, and crops across the globe have taken a big hit since then.

In another video Peter North points out that the oceans comprise 90% of earth’s biosphere, and they are in serious trouble. Most tipping points are in the Arctic and we already passed some, which means they will become unstoppable and irreversible. When too many tipping points are past, they pile up on one another and send runaway climate heating into overdrive. This is called a cascading runaway effect.

James Hansen points out that Atlantic ocean super mega monster storms will be here by 2050, and he means storms big enough to rain rocks. This means storms are going to get much, much worse. A bad storm washes away more soil in 15 minutes than anything else does all year long. James Hansen also says seas could rise by meters per decade as soon as 30 years because of Greenland glacial melt, and that none of Peter North’s IPCC projections account for that. This is why building wind turbines in oceans is foolish.

Combine this with the fact that we are supposed to grow 50% more food by 2050 while world water demand will exceed supply by 40%.

Combine this with fact that we are running out of soil so fast that by 2060 human agriculture will not exist. This means that by 2030, human existence will be hell for most of the poorer people on earth. And many of those poorer people will be in the Red states of America. The blue states along the coasts will suffer massive storm and flood damage.

Combine this with the fact that in less than one generation, mass extinction will go past a tipping point that becomes unstoppable and irreversible once species populations go down 75%. We are at 50%. Humans occupy 50% of land and consume 40% of the land’s green stuff each year, leaving little for critters.

The blue states are building a massive exotic mineral infrastructure that is brittle and a bubble that depends on oversea mining operations. We have spent the last 27 years bombing and killing Persians for oil, and we are going to spend the next 20 killing them for minerals.

Baidu will win the AI war with Google, meanwhile all the jobs and exotic mineral wealth are in China. The US will be left with high tech jets that can’t fly in the rain.They have taken their tax wealth and given it to the military, now that tax wealth is gone, they have taken their grandparents New Deal and turned it into a Raw Deal.

Peter North