IOT Installed Base Worldwide 2015 – 2025

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Right now the average person produces 1.5 Terra bytes of data per day. By 2020, your car alone will produce 4 Terra bytes of cloud data per day. Soon even your clothes, will produce data traffic. By 2020, we will have 30 billion IOT devices spying on us. By 2025, we will have 75 billion of these things. To run all this shit, we’re going to need 5G networks, which are completely dangerous. Why do we need all this? So corporations can spy on you and everyone gets rich selling self-driving cars. But, do we really need an IOT device in our toilet?  Not even our shit is safe.

Self-Driving Taxis Will Become the Most Disgusting Spaces on Earth – The Truth About Cars

5G Radiation Dangers – Expert speaks out on the scientific consensus of the mechanism for genetic damage.

  • Bioiniative.org shows 3,600 studies on EMF health threats.
  • Safer EMR, run out of UC Berkley, looks at the research worldwide. 5G doesn’t travel very far, so more transmitters have to be used, meaning one for every 10 homes.

Scientific Conference on 5G Dangers – YouTube

Bing search: 5G IOT dangers – 5G is being rolled out now to work with IOT devices.

Google search: 5G IOT dangers – We can’t even save ourselves, let alone the planet.

That Drone Hovering Over Your Home? It’s the Insurance Inspector – Wall Street Journal

You Are the Product – London Review of Books. – Faceborg

Google Censors the Left. And Us – It was all fun when they censored the Right.

Mass extinction ‘tsunami’ coming

Canadian scientists puzzled by spate of whale deaths

Nature set to fulfil ‘doomsday prophecies’ on climate change



European heatwave deaths could skyrocket

Global Warming Is Fueling Arizona’s Monstrous Monsoons

This is British Columbia’s Second-Worst Wildfire Season. It’s Far From Over

Major agricultural changes required to mitigate phosphorus losses under climate change (nature.com)

Massacre of polar bears by ‘trophy hunters’ on remote Arctic island

Heatwaves in the megacity

Climate change detrimental to Midwest, says Al Gore

Hanford nuclear workers swallowed radiation particles, test positive for contamination

The Amazon Effect: Part Time Jobs Soar By 393K, Full Time Jobs Slide (ZH)

July Part-Time Work Jumps by 393,000; Full-Time Employment Down 54,000

Where The Jobs Were: Waiters And Bartenders Topped The List (ZH)

July Part-Time Work Jumps by 393,000; Full-Time Employment Down 54,000

The opioid epidemic, explained – Vox

Kalanick looks to keep back seat role at Uber – Financial Times





  1. All this talk of autonomous vehicles, AI taking over, not to mention drones, hyperloops and flying cars is simply another manifestation of fake news.

    For instance, there is not one single driverless vehicle anywhere. Tests have been lacklustre to say the least. Drivers of the test beds need to intervene every few miles. Plus, no one discusses how much one of these things will set you back. How much the infrastructure will cost, who will pay for it all, what the liability concerns are etc.

    It’s just another Wall St. con to separate fools from their money. Meanwhile the road to collapse rolls on towards full destruction of the industrial way of life.


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