The Art of IOT Dolls And Collapse Zen Maintenance

That mouthy little guy on RT is sounding off on child robot sex, saying the thought police can’t stop it. Will there be a campaign to stamp out child sex robots? The next step would be that Disney gets involved in making life size 0 – 12 year old IOT smart dolls meant for girls that older males like to fuck.

The corporations will win as usual and there will be child sex robots. At first the robots will be sexless and likely modifiable until they’re identical to the real thing. It’s like a tipping point you pass before you know it.

I may be psycho, but I’m not psychic. I’m just speculating fictitiously to project forward. The only problem is the lucid reality of such daydreams. It was only last year Germany banned a little girl’s IOT “smart” doll, run by perverts. The real money will be using IOT sex robots for blackmail.

As I see it, we are going to fuck millions of tons of sex toy robots in self-driving flying hover cars while we play virtual-video games after we shut down all the nuclear and coal plants, and do all this using solar and wind power, while we get a new iPhone every year, and try to figure out how to live forever? I guess my collapse of sanity is just a state of mind.

We Anonymously Controlled a Dildo Through the Tor Network – Motherboard. Who says privacy is dead?

Being a fur trader in northern Quebec during the 1600s was a lonely gig. So 2 fur trappers walk into a trading post, when the younger one asked how he could get by being so lonely. The fur trader heard the old trapper reply that you save a special fur pelt for wanking with. Three months later, only the old trapper returned. When the trader asked what happened to the young fella, the old one replied he caught the young fella fucking his special beaver pelt, so he killed him. I guess today’s hi-tech red necks can get robot beavers. Triangles are a bitch.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Tracking Dust:
Where to put 1 trillion nano-sized RFID chips by 2032?

I may be math challenged, but if you disperse RFID nano-chips at one per second, then:

1 million RFID nano-chips = 12 days

1 billion RFID nano-chips = 30 years

1 trillion RFID nano-chips = 30,000 years

They would need to disperse like 100 billion RFID nano-chips per year. Since by 2032 there will be 8 billion of us, we each get like 1,000 RFID nano-chips free in like 10 years.  Yippycaheymutherfucka. I wonder who gets the most? We could put them in shampoo and toothpaste and sell the data to insurance companies, then we could get nice things, like universal health insurance. We could also pimp the sex robots out for a basic guaranteed income.

I would say shove ’em up your ass. Enjoy!
– I can’t stop laughing fearfully enough to watch all this sheer madness.


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